Magnetic Separators Manufacturer – For Flour Mills In Turkey

Want to know about how food industries grow rapidly in today’s global market?

Yes definitely..!! Food processing Industries is one of the noteworthy industries globally in the market. Nowadays, modern equipment and especially food-processing industries are driven currently in the market to fulfill the customer’s need for food on regular basis.

Magnetic Separator and other equipment are most concerned machinery in food processing industries to clean the food product by removing impurities from it. Removing metallic impurities, mud balls and black stones are the rising issues in the current food industry.

Why Magnetic Separator in Food Industries?

Magnetic Separator is used in a variety of flour mill and food industries for separating unwanted impurities from grains, spices pulses, nuts and flours. One Approach is to eliminate impurities from flour through a magnetic separator. While in Turkey and the other eastern Europe country has the largest flour mills and food processing industry performing various processes on food.

Desire to know how various Magnetic Separator Used in Flour mill/ Food Industries?

Yes, Jaykrishna Magnetic Pvt. Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of magnetic separators for food processing industries. Each and every machine is specially designed for the best and effective separation process. Below are the range of our magnetic separators:

  1. Magnetic Destoner represents as a separator by using magnetic force to remove impurities like mud balls, black stones and other paramagnetic impurities from grains, spices, pulses and other food products.

  1. Spout Plate magnets are produced to remove ferrous tramp metals from rapid or high material flow in various food processing industry.

  1. Drawer Magnets are operated through manual and automatic control which protects machinery reduces inorganic ash content which is present in flour. We have specially developed drawer magnet in M.S and S.S material which is called housing magnets.
Drawer Magnet - Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt Ltd

Drawer Magnet – Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt Ltd

  1. Rotary Magnets extracts and holds unwanted iron particles and prevents the material flow from packing the processing lines. We also developed double rotary magnet for the separation of very fine metallic particles from a product stream.

  1. Half-Hump Magnets is used to remove ferrous contaminants iron, bolt and wire from conveyed materials. For please application in a processing line, we’ve developed pneumatically operated hump magnet for an automatic process.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has developed a special range of magnetic separators for Turkey and other European countries. Our products are famous for his high-performance, rouged construction and effective separation process.

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