Magnetic Destoner For Rice Mill – A Definitive Guide

Magnetic Destoner is the king of a machine which is widely used for separating mud balls, black stones, and other harmful paramagnetic impurities from rice and other grains.

Importance of Magnetic Destoner for rice mill

As all we know, rice is the leading food crop in the world. We can also say that it the most liked food crop for any human as it provides vitamins, minerals, and fiber to us. It grows in the wet environment across Asia and it gives 15% of per capita protein and 21% of global human per capita energy. For the separation of harmful impurities from rice, Magnetic destoners are used.

Magnetic destoner is the only most trusted machine for removing mud balls, black stones and other paramagnetic impurities from rice. Industries use this machine because it easily segregates the unwanted metal compounds from various raw materials. It easily separates the bulk materials with size less than 3mm and used in many reputed mills like rice mill, dal mill, wheat mill etc. Magnetic destoner is the most powerful machine and industries use this machine because of its high productivity and it is known for the efficient removal of magnetic material.

But there’s a catch

From last many decades, manufacturing industries are playing a most crucial role in our global economy. Industries are using magnetic destoners to detach black stones, mud balls, rat feces and many other metal contaminants from rice. But, as the days are passes away, machines are not giving desired results as the industries want.

They are facing an issue of removing harmful paramagnetic impurities from rice because their machine has a disadvantage of less efficiency or low capacity. Day-by-day the demand for rice is increasing and to provide the clean and eatable rice is one of the biggest issues industries are facing now. After facing this all issues they Industries are looking for highly efficient & high capacity machines with high-intensity magnets which provides the excellent solution of cleaning.

Here’s the deal

We have 38+ years of experience in serving the high capacity magnetic destoner machines with high-intensity magnets that easily detaches the mud balls, black stones and other paramagnetic impurities from rice. Our machines have the benefit of low power consumption around 1 hp maximum.

Our magnetic destoners are evolved by the team of experts who have a great knowledge of designing highly efficient magnetic destoners. Our all machines are evolved by using the latest technology that matches the latest standards and easily removes the small number of dangerous impurities from rice.

Our are installed in many reputed mills like rice mills, dal mills, wheat mills etc. And it has a great capacity from 3MT/hr to 30MT/hr.

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The Best Part.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most dominant and trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of a wide range of magnetic destoners to segregate dangerous paramagnetic contaminants from rice. Our team ensures the needs of the clients before supplying any product. Clients admire our product because of its various advantages.

Our magnetic destoners are capable enough to provide the best separation process. We also design various types of magnetic separators like Magnetic destoner, Hump magnet, Magnetic Grill etc. as per the client’s requirement.
If you are facing an issue of detaching harmful impurities like mud balls, black stones from rice then this is the best machine. And if you have any requirement of magnetic destoner or other magnetic separators then feel free to contact us, our team will get back to you with the most effective solution for your current application.

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