Electromagnetic Vibro Feeder

Jaykrishna electromagnetic vibratory feeder is used in processing for handling all types of materials such as hot, damp, lumpy, dusty or abrasive for various functions. The vibrations product are smooth uniform, volumetric flow, that is fully variable with help of controller. It used to control bulk product flow in bulk handling plants, like coke, quartz, mineral, cement, glass and many other industries.

Technical Specification :

  • The Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder consist of a tray made out of Mild steel or Stainless Steel and the body housing.
  • The body housing of the Vibrator is made from Heavy duty M.S.Plates.
  • As the Magnet get energized the Vibration sets the material in motion.
  • The controller of Vibrator gives the controlled flow of the material.
  • The housing of the Electromagnet is made in totally enclosed design make it dust proof.

Quality Range Of Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder:


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Applications :

  • Chemical Plant: To Controlled Flow of ingredients to mixing Tanks.
  • Foundries: For the addition of Binders and sand reprocessing systems.
  • Iron and Steel Industries: Controlled Flow of Iron Ore, Scrap, and smelting Furnace.
  • Glass Industries: Handling Glass cullet to the Furnace, & glass products. For chemical additives handling, like Soda Ash etc.
  • Ceramic Industries: For controlled ingredients flow in the batch processing.
  • Pulp and Paper Industries: Chemical additives feeding in the batch processing.
  • Metal: Feeding metal parts to heat treating Furnaces.