Magnetic Destoner For Flour, Maize and Rice Milling

Have you faced the problem of cleaning impurities from flour, maize, and rice?

Well, of course, you face. Providing pure food material without any impurities to the end users Is your top most priority.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has developed a high-intensity magnetic destoner which purifies the grains, spices, pulses, and nuts. Basically, magnetic destoner is the most standard magnet developed this magnetic destoner for the quality separation process. It is installed in a rice mill before the color sorting process to increase the efficiency of the color sorting machine.

But there’s a catch:

All the grains processing plant, maize product, and seed cleaning lines are facing the problem of removing impurities from the food material. Removing mud balls is the biggest headache for many food processing plants owners after the harvesting process. Day by day population increases that create the biggest challenges for many industries to provide food without any impurities.

Here’s the solution?

Seeing the problem of removing impurities from grains, spices, pulses, and nuts, we have designed and manufacture the high-intensity magnetic separator which is also called magnetic destoner in the market.

Our magnetic destoner has the features of removing such impurities very efficiently in existing plant. The robust construction and high-intensity magnets can easily extract metallic impurities from the product stream.

Why use in a flour mill, rice mill, and maize?

Every food which comes for the processing in food processing plants requires the magnetic separation process on it. In this process, our magnetic separator extracts all unnecessary impurities and provide pure flour, rice, and maize. Rice and all the flours are the food which is regularly used for the eating purpose in our daily life. Our machine has the highest level separation efficiency for every grain, flour mills and other seed cleaning lines.

The Best Part?

Magnetic destoner has the capacity of 3MT to 30MT and it is available as per the client requirements. Magnetic destoner can also be used in wheat, corn, dal mill, turmeric seeds, coriander seeds, and all other spices. Our magnetic destoner machine is already installed in various food processing plants in India and all over the world.

If you are looking for the best magnetic separator for food processing industries, then this machine is the right choice for you. Our experienced team is always ready to help in every step of installation. Magnetic destoner is available in various sizes as per the plant requirement.

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