Magnetic Separation Belt For Spices Processing Industries – An Informative Guide


There are a variety of spices grown across the Indian continent. With varying climates around the country, India produces a wide range of spices, many of which are indigenous to the subcontinent.

The place where spices are grown, the method spices are harvested and further processed and converted into powders all provide opportunities for metal contamination to enter the product stream.

Non-ferrous impurities and metal particles are completely undesirable. The spice must be free of any harmful metal contamination. Hence magnetic separators are required at various stages of the processing process. Magnetic separators detect and effectively remove any harmful contaminants that may be lurking within the spices.

To combat this, Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. manufactured different types of magnets and magnetic separators for the metallic separation process in the spice industry. A magnetic Separation belt happens to one of them.


The magnetic separation belt, also called a magnetic sorting belt, is a unique combination of a sorting belt and an ultra-strong magnetic roller that can easily remove high paramagnetic and low paramagnetic impurities using the magnetic effect.

It additionally has the capacity to sort out the non-ferrous impurities from the product and is found useful for the separation of quartz and many other mineral products that contain both types of contaminants. The magnetic separation is mostly suitable for the dehydrated food processing industry.


  • Robust Design
  • Highly efficient
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation, and operation
  • Powerful separation system


A powerful magnet installed on the conveyor belt pulls unwanted metal away from the conveyor belt, allowing uncontaminated production. Separation of ferrous materials from the product is done to ensure a safe, metal-free output.

Materials like stone, metallic, glass pieces, mud balls, black stones, and other impurities having natural magnetic properties are completely separated using the magnetic separation belt.This separation process removes impurities from spices like red chilies, ginger, turmeric, garlic, coriander, black pepper, cumin, and many other spices using our high-quality magnetic separation belt.


The Belt Magnetic Separator Machine incorporates a conveyor belt with a magnetic plate and captures the ferrous contamination by attracting it to the magnetic plate which is separated as soon as it leaves the magnetic field.

The belt is driven by a separate geared motor coupled directly to the roll. The speed of the belt is decided as per the application and customer requirements.

The machine has a rugged construction that incorporates high-strength ferrite plate magnets or ultra-strength rare earth magnets to achieve the application.


At Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd., we have a wealth of experience in developing and installing magnetic separators and vibratory equipment for different industrial applications. We have the ability to create customized solutions to build comprehensive separation systems that increase productivity, and most importantly, deliver outstanding results.

Our magnetic separators are developed with the latest technology for efficient separation processes.

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