Top 6 Magnetic Separators For Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling

Top 6 Magnetic Separators For Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling

Top 6 Magnetic Separators For Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling

Over 12 million tons of bottom ash alone is generated by municipal waste incineration. 

These bottom ash incinerators include up to 90% mineral traces, around 2% non-ferrous metals, and 4-8% ferrous metals. For bottom ash exploitation, the separation of metal components present in it is crucial.

Effective separation of these metal contaminants demands an advanced separation technology specially designed for Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling purposes. 

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is a leading magnetic separators manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. We have a wide range of magnetic separators for Incineration bottom ash recycling that offers highly effective separation and operational reliability.  

Here in this blog, we will go through the top 6 Magnetic Separators used for Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling with their features and advantages.

Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling

Discharged material after the incineration of municipal solid waste is known as slag or incinerator bottom ash(IBA). Depending on the waste material burned, incineration bottom ash may contain metals, glass, ceramic, bricks, or other materials. 

Bottom ash includes a high proportion of ferrous and non-ferrous metal that can be recovered with recycling magnetic separators. This slag can not only be recycled but can transform into useful materials as well. 

The aluminum and heavy metals found in bottom ash are highly valuable materials that can be re-used at melters.

 Various magnetic and vibratory separators are used for separating various materials. For example, for metals – a magnetic separator is used, for non-metals – a non-ferrous separator, and for other materials, a vibratory screening machine is used. 

Top Magnetic Separators For Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling

Eddy Current Separator

Eddy Current Separator is the most trusted magnetic separator used in  Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling. It is used to recover various metals like aluminum, brass, copper, etc. 

With high-power magnets used in Eddy Current Separator, it can separate even the finest metals present in IBA with the highest efficiency. 

Recycling industries use Eddy current separator for the best and smooth separation process. Our Eddy current separator has a capacity from 2MT/hr to 15MT/hr. Apart from Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling, eddy current separators are also used in various recycling industries like plastic, rubber, glass, e-waste, pet, etc.  

Salient Features of Eddy Current Separator

  • Robust Construction
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Quality Deliverance 
  • Maximum Metal Recovering 
  • Zero Loss of Valuable Material 

Drum Type Magnetic Separator

Drum type magnetic separator is another widely used magnetic separator for Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling. It can separate nonmagnetic material in bulk quantities like plastics, minerals, chemicals, powders, and many other products. 

Our Drum type magnetic separator has a high-power permanent magnetic plate for the highest purity. We manufacture single, double, and triple drum-type magnetic separators as per the client’s industrial requirements.

Salient Features Of Drum Type Magnetic Separator

  • High Coercivity Permanent magnets
  • Robust Construction 
  • Automatic Separation Of Iron Contaminants
  • Enclosed Dust-Free Design 

Overband Magnetic Separator 

Overband Magnetic Separator is well known for providing high performance in separating tramp iron from the product being carried by conveyor belt. It is used to recycle ferrous particles and protect machines like shredders and crushers. 

Overband Magnetic Separator is highly efficient for removing ferrous particles in Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling. Due to its high magnetic strength, our Overband Magnetic Separator can effectively handle and purify a large amount of product. 

 Moreover, our Overband Magnetic Separators are self-cleaning; hence, no manual cleaning is required, which reduces downtime for the end user. 

Salient Features Of Overband Magnetic Separator  

  • Strong And Rugged Construction
  • Low Maintenance
  • Highly Efficient
  • Long Belt Life
  • High Performance

Permanent Magnetic Roller Separator

A permanent Magnetic Roller Separator is used to remove magnetic impurities from the product. We manufacture high-intensity roller-type magnetic separators for higher performance in recycling industries. 

Under this high-intensity magnetic field, weak magnetic contamination can be removed easily and efficiently. Our permanent magnetic roller separators are cost-effective and have a high gradient. 

We design 6 stages which are called multi-stage systems as per the client’s requirement. 

Salient Features Permanent Magnetic Roller Separator

  • Highly efficient Iron separation system
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Multi-stage system with up to 6 stages
  • Different Magnetic Strengths From 8,000 Gauss  to 11,000 Gauss

Suspension Magnet 

A suspension magnet is a specially designed magnetic separator used in Incineration Bottom Ash Recycling to extract iron impurities from the products being processed on the conveyor belt or a vibratory feeder.

Our Suspension Magnet is the best recycling magnetic separator to remove ferrous metals from materials. It is mainly used for products having low contamination.  

Salient Features Of Suspension Magnet 

  • Corrosion & Abrasion Resistant 
  • Permanent Magnetic Field
  • Compact Design

Magnetic Drum Pulley 

Magnetic Drum Pulley is a specially designed magnetic separator used for separating ferrous metal from a material such as shredded cars, slag, ash, and crushed ore. It can be used in recycling and other industries without any high maintenance. 

It is widely used in the recycling industry to separate steel from aluminum cans and many other ferrous contaminations. Our Magnetic Drum Pulley is widely used in wood, plastic, steel, paper, mining, municipal recycling industries, and many other recycling plants.

Salient Features Of Magnetic Drum Pulley 

  • Easy To Install
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Magnetic Field Range From 2500 To 8500 Gauss Is Available
  • Zero Maintenance
  • All Welded Body And Face Construction
  • Ceramic Magnets Or Powerful Rare Earth Magnets Pulleys

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. For Best Magnetic Separators 

Whether it is the IBA recycling industry or any other recycling industry, high-quality magnetic separators are required for maximum yield. 

That is why it is necessary to install a magnetic separator that can make your bottom ash separation line as efficient and profitable as attainable. 

Above were the top 6 Magnetic Separators that do the job efficiently. 

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is a leading magnetic separators manufacturer and supplier in Ahmedabad, India. Our magnetic separators for the recycling industry are designed for the highest separation efficiency together with outstanding functionality and robustness.

Apart from this, we have a wide range of vibratory and electromagnetic separators for various recycling industries, such as plastic recycling, glass recycling, ASR recycling, rubber recycling, waste recycling, etc.

So if you are looking for top-quality magnetic separators for your recycling industry, please contact us by clicking here. We will help you find the best solution for your needs.

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