Twin Shaft Shredder Machine For E-Waste – Shredder Machine For Recycling Industry

After spending long years just in anticipation, the launch of e-devices and (IoT) Internet of Things technologies wrapped tons of businesses, homes, and towns under its use which got a raise of 13 percent in 2014 and around 25 percent till now which is a massive count of 43 billion – a threefold increase from 2018 statics. 

Useful for us, still wasted by us – words might not but statistics will definitely make you understand this phrase. So 43 billion e-devices are operated by us from which 50 million metric tons of e-waste is globally generated in the forms of temperature exchange equipment, monitors, lamps, and IT gears such as mobiles and printers. 

From which 8 million e-waste gets recycled while others get improperly dumped in landfills which turns to toxic contaminations and risks the growing environment and health too. 

These particles expose a high level of impurities such as lead, mercury, and beryllium which lastly turns into life-risking diseases such as DNA damage, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Might be frightening for you but it’s true. Climate misfortunes such as global warming also get increased by these practices, overall these circumstances create high environmental responsibilities on which humans themselves can’t help out but devices such as Twin Shaft Shredder Machines can! Now let’s dive in quite more and see its uses and working principles.

What Is a Twin Shaft Shredder Machine?

A twin-shaft shredder machine is a shredding machine that is globally operated for shredding e-waste, medical waste, wood, tires, and other used materials. The main purpose of shredding is to extract valuable components from used materials and make them reusable if possible. 

This twin-shaft shredder machine consists of a highly powerful structure that easily withstands all low to high loads and also offers a wide range of electrical and hydraulic types of configurations. In twin-shaft shredder machines bearing units are placed separately and very precisely sealed which avoids damage from liquid and solid which increases its work life. 

Not just that, twin-shaft shredder machines are also ideal for their high-speed and low dust factors which raise the demand in recycling industries. In case, the twin-shaft shredder gets overloaded with the presence of objects in the cutting unit, both the rotor stops and starts rotating on the auto-reverse side by making a problem-solving call by itself.

How does the Twin Shaft Shredder Machine help in the E-Waste Recycling Industry?

In E-Waste Recycling Industries the main requirements raised are tailored machines that can handle heavy loads while smoothening the recycling process with low maintenance and no noise. Twin Shaft Shredder Machines help them to get all those industries’ requirements covered with robust structure and accurate processing. 

But, why is e-waste shredding so important? As easily e-devices store our information, as easily it can be stolen too. As an example, if you are carrying a phone or tablet, it might consist of all of your details including credit cards, verification documents, and other crucial pieces which can be at risk if caught by a hacker. 

This is why e-waste shredding is important, and particularly Twin Shaft Shredder Machines for e-waste recycling are operated.

Working Principle of Twin Shaft Shredder Machine

  • Designed for shredding important elements from added objects. 
  • With easy handling of huge loads without speed or work compromisation
  • Separate placement of bearing unit – that benefits from solid and liquid damage
  • Two gearbox types that assure continuous torque on both the shafts
  • Special hardened steel is used for its blades which are easily replaceable according to components added to Twin Shaft Shredder Machine

Salient Features of Twin Shaft Shredder Machine

  • Robust and rugged machines 
  • Safe to operate 
  • Low vibrations
  • No noise creation 
  • No dust which means a safe work environment.
  • Lower power requirements 
  • High reliability.

Twin Shaft Shredder Machine Applications

  • Industrial waste
  • Metal sheet 
  • Plastic waste
  • Production waste
  • Binder
  • Paper
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Electronic scrap
  • Electric cables
  • Food remains
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Containers for liquids


Let’s get on some quick informative recaps we captured throughout the blog, so the first pinpoint was? That’s fine we are here to help you out, firstly we checked on some statics on e-devices use and the rise of it throughout the years, awareness of both recycling and non-recycling poles of e-waste. 

Then walk-in of Twin Shaft Shredder Machines, covering all the requirements including huge loads, easy maintenance, no dust, lower power requirements, and many other benefits which made Twin Shaft Shredder Machine ideal for not only recycling but other applications too. 

If you are looking for the same benefits added to your industry Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. would definitely be glad to help you, our industry includes much other equipment that can prioritize your requirements and benefit with satisfactory outcomes. For any other details, you may drop us your query here.