Single Drum Type Magnetic Separators For Separation Of Iron Contamination

Single Drum Type Magnetic Separators For Separation Of Iron Contamination

Single Drum Type Magnetic Separators For Separation Of Iron Contamination

Iron industries are increasing and so are the impurities, getting a solution that can help to serve a refined and high-quality product is what industries have been seeking. 

Iron is used in numerous applications that include architecture, bearings, cookware, surgical instruments, and jewelry. All of these play a vital role in each of our day-to-day life, so before considering them in use it’s important to give an impurity check.

As ironic elements contain ferrous and contaminated elements, they can be dangerous to health. Figuring the way out of this situation, a Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator has been introduced – now to know how it helps and its uses we need to move quite below.

What is a Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator?

Single Drum Type Magnetic Separators are operated to separate impure metallic particles from iron, powders, and granules. High volume applications who need a continuous yet precise iron contamination separation mainly utilize it.

Separation for high-level ferrous and para-magnetic contaminations are the two main features of the Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator, with which iron products get processed, purified, and ready to sell in the market.

Single Drum Magnetic Separator Manufacturers and Suppliers - Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.

Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator

The machinery of the Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator consists of robust parts – but still, the drum surface leads on the top of all, consisting of magnetic fields that attract ferrous materials to the outer drum surface that rolls impurities down to the discharging point and stores refined metal product on the other side.

Common applications of single drum type magnetic drum separators include magnetite recovery in heavy media mining circuits, tramp metal extraction, and product purification.

How Drum Type Magnetic Separator Helps in the Iron Industry?

As we said above, the Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator is ideal for grasping and retaining ferrous-containing impure materials because its magnetic outermost layer of rotating drum surface makes the Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator exceptionally ideal for iron industries. 

Every rotation purifies iron materials precisely and moves them to separate containers which gives them a safe and long-term work-life. During the procedure of impurity separation, machinery also functions as a self-cleaning process that clears debris from the drum.

To ensure optimal working precautions from our side are also necessary such as the type of material used to process, volume of material per hour, element size range, and number of ferrous materials desired to get filtered.

3 Most Advantages Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator Offers:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Different Size Availability
  • High Volume Accommodation

Working Principle of Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator

Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator is a ferrous and other metallic contaminated elements separator. Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator is mostly used for iron, and metal industries. 

The uppermost part of the drum-type magnetic separator is a feed hopper from which contaminated materials get added. 

Feed hopper consists of an adjustable deflector that regulates the volume and velocity of added impure material. After the addition of elements, it rolls down to a revolving shell fixed on the outer layer of a powerful magnetic drum-shaped roller by which impurities and purified iron materials get bifurcated. 

Below the roller, the adjustable divider is assembled to place contamination and cleaned materials in different containers. To assure long time velocity, efficient workability, and durable machine life there are particular openings added at the back portion of machinery that releases heat produced during the procedure.

The biggest strength of the Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator is its easy handling of even vast numbers of impurity elements at a time with precise and satisfactory separation results.


Salient Features of Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator

  • Continuous separation and self-cleaning
  • Ideal high-flow or heavy contamination applications
  • Stainless steel drum that prolongs its workability 
  • Minimum maintenance 
  • Need small space 
  • Easy to handle
  • Flexible to get used in multiple industries
  • Reduce labor work by improved and effective processing quality
  • Eradicate fire hazards with the easy handling of explosive temperatures

Applications of Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator

  • Iron Products
  • Mineral Separation 
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Flour Impurity Separation
  • Plastic Products
  • Separation of pebbles and mud balls from Grains
  • Sand used in Architecture
  • Biotechnology Fertilizers
  • Cement
  • Glass 
  • Slag
  • Ores
  • Rock
  • Refractory


Size Range of Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator:

Model no. No. of Drums Capacity tons per Hours Drum Size
Dia mm Length mm
J-651-SDS 1 1.0 300 450
J-651-DDS 2 1.0 300 450
J-652-SDS 1 1.5 400 500
J-652-DDS 2 1.5 400 500
J-653-SDS 1 2.0 400 600
J-653-DDS 2 2.0 400 600
J-654-SDS 1 3.0 400 750
J-654-DDS 2 3.0 400 750
J-655-SDS 1 5.0 450 850
J-655-DDS 2 5.0 450 850

Why Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt Ltd. for Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator?

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is a leading name in magnetic separators, vibratory equipment, electro-magnetic separators, & screening machinery manufacturing. It was established back in 1978 with the vision of benchmarking strong pillars in the separation tech industry and 44 years of successful journey signifies the same.

As a startup, Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. used to manufacture only a few separators which have turned into 40+ types of products in today’s date with advanced engineering and continuous adapting to industries’ rising requirements. 

By streamlining their hard work and gratitude Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has been named the leading manufacturer of Single Drum Type Magnetic Separators and each product meets international standards.

If we talk about the Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator of Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. then it is the most adapted separator widely used for the separation of impurity elements from iron products having a high processing ability with minute-to-minute impurity separation.

Processing industries that need a high volume of contamination separation assistance from iron industries such as minerals, chemicals, food, and many other industries regard a Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator as an ideal for their industry. If you need our assistance with same the contact us at: +91 9825 326 078

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