Installed Magnetic Destoner At Wheat Processing Line – A Detailed Guide


Whereas the entire harvesting industry is upgrading, some concerns remain such as contaminants removal in grains and pulses, which indirectly prolongs the operating procedure and reduces the accuracy of the entire industry; however, the Magnetic destoner is a machine that is well-equipped with a high-intensity neodymium rare earth magnet (N-45, N-40, N-52) with a gauss value of up to 14000, which helps to remove all iron impurities and consumes up to 2 HP of electricity. Simply look at the solutions listed below to get the answer to your question.

What is Magnetic destoner?

Magnetic destoner is a machine, specially designed for cleaning lines of rice and wheat. Operation of contaminants removal can be an extremely tough and time-consuming task, there is where magnetic destoner helps by making operations simple and time-saving, that too by meeting all client requirements. 

Uses Of Magnetic Destoner

The Magnetic Destoner Machine is primarily used to remove impurities from wheat, rice, grain, and other similar products.

Mud balls, black stones, and other paramagnetic contaminants get kicked out, which enables the color sorting process easier.

It not only protects the food, but also the machinery, such as polishers and sizers, from unneeded harm.

Furthermore, the Magnetic Grain Destoner helps improve efficiency and production.

The use of an industrial magnetic destoner assures the food’s safety and cleanliness. Its performance is unrivaled and deserving of praise.

Advantages and Features of Magnetic Destoner

  • Easy To Operate 
  • Dustproof Machinery Body
  • Low usage of electricity
  • Simple to relocate
  • Belt-changing systems for pull and slide

Working Principle 

A short conveyor belt surrounds the magnetic roll and a tensioning ideal roll in the Magnetic Destoner separator. Materials are discharged onto the belt using an appropriate feeder. Nonmagnetic particles flow easily off the end of the conveyor, but ferromagnetic and paramagnetic particles stick to the belt.

Applications of Magnetic destoner.

  • Harvesters 
  • Food Industries
  • Seeds Industries
  • Grains Industries
  • Spices Industries
  • Pulses Industries
  • Granules Industries

Why Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt Ltd. Magnetic Destoner 

As a producer of various spices, grains, and pulses, the primary job is to provide clean meals. Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has been a leading magnetic destoner manufacturer in both the domestic and worldwide separation market for over 40 years. Our offered magnetic destoner removes black stones, mud balls, and other paramagnetic contaminants from wheat and rice, here every product has been tested numerous times so we can always deliver improved machinery to our consumers.

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