Magnetic Separator For Food Safety

“The most important ranges of magnetic separators for ensuring food safety”

Daily there are numbers of negative food safety reports about metal are found in the food sector. After conducting an annual Magnetic Separation Survey at a rice processing industry, we experienced the importance of installing metal separation equipment.

Magnetic separator provides a good separating effect using dynamic magnetic system design. It easily separates harmful impurities like metal pieces, black stones and mud balls from food products because the metal pieces in food products pose a safety risk to consumers and can damage processing equipment. It has an advantage of large magnetic field strength, large handling capacity, easy operation and large output.

magnetic destoner for wheat and suji

For the best separation process, the grate magnets were constructed with rare earth magnets with magnetic fields of approximately 11,200 Gauss on the surface. During the survey, the number of impurities that is captured and held on to the surface of each of the tube magnets was found to be big and substantial.

How metal comes in a food product?

After the harvesting process of grains, pulses, and spices it will be sent for the further cleaning process. It includes the process of cleaning, collection, storage and transportation and that time there will be a possibility of iron contamination detection in a food product.

How we provide the surety?

We’ve designed our magnetic separators range in a way that detects a very small amount of metallic impurities from all types of spices, grains, and pulses. Our magnetic separators perform multiple separation tasks which give the surety of metal separation from the food product.

Trials of separation process:

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has performed various trail of grains, spices, and pulses where our magnetic separator has detected the mud balls, black stones and other metallic impurities from a product.

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The Best Part:

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading magnetic separators and vibratory equipment’s manufacturing company. We’ve developed a wide range of magnetic separators like magnetic destonerhump magnet, drawer magnet, magnetic trap and many others which can easily separate the metal impurities from a food product. We have used high-intensity magnets which can easily extract magnetic impurities from the food product.

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