Magnetic Destoner – Grain & Milling

Magnetic Destoner - Grain & Milling - Flour Mill Destoner

Magnetic Destoner - Grain & Milling - Flour Mill Destoner

“Magnetic Destoner”

“Most promising magnetic separator of the present time!! Famous for the best magnetic separation process.”

Now! Get ready to know about this most popular magnetic separator for any grain, pulses and spices mills.

Magnetic destoner is the heart of the food processing industries that remove impurities like mud balls, black stones, and other paramagnetic impurities from food products.

Importance of magnetic destoner

Magnetic Destoner is one of the most dominant magnetic separators for any rice mills, dal mills and other food processing plants. Magnetic destoner plays a crucial role in removing mud balls, black stones from grains, spices, and pulses. Magnetic destoner saves time as it has high productivity and is high capacity from 3 MT/hr to 30MT/hr makes this machine most powerful.

From last many years, grains and other milling industries are using this machine to separate a small amount of heavy contamination from rice, pulses, spices and many other food products. As per the statistics, food processing plants stand on the fifth rank in terms of production, consumption, and exports. This machine plays a most important role in eliminating paramagnetic impurities from grains which is not an easy task!! But it separates easily. “That’s why it is the king of a machine for any food processing industry.”

Check the video of our magnetic destoner:

But there’s a catch

From last many years, manufacturing industries are playing a major role in our global economy. Cleaning lines play a very important role in removing impurities from all types of grain. But, nowadays machines are not giving desired results as the industries want!! Removing mud balls, black stones, metallic, glass pieces, rat feces and other impurities from grains, spices, and pulses is one of the biggest issues industries are facing now.

They are trying to solve the problem of eliminating paramagnetic impurities. The machines that they are using “is not highly efficient to provide the excellent solution of cleaning.”  Day-by-day the issues of removing mud balls and black stones are arising continuously because the low power magnets are not able to separate impurities and black stones from rice, wheat, dal, and other food products.

After facing these all issues regularly, they are looking for high capacity machines with high-intensity magnets because the capacity of their belts is not capable enough to remove impurities and black stones.

Here’s the deal

We evolve machine which is of high capacity that easily handles the load and separates paramagnetic contamination easily. Jaykrishna Magnetic Pvt. Ltd. has designed the most advanced magnetic destoner using the latest technology which can be easily operated. Our machine is known for removing a small number of mud balls, black stones, and other paramagnetic impurities.

It has a great advantage of low power consumption around 1hp maximum and a capacity from 3MT/hr to 30 MT/hr. It can be easily installed in any flour mills, dal mills, rice mills, corn mills and cleaning line. Our magnetic destoner is widely used for cleaning and processing all types of grains like rice cleaning, wheat cleaning, corn cleaning, pulses cleaning spices, cleaning seed cleaning, semolina cleaning, chilli flakes, sesame cleaning, cumin cleaning and fennel seed cleaning.

Salient features

  • Magnetic strength with 10 years warranty.
  • Vibratory Feeder with controls provided for Feeding.
  • The high efficiency of the iron separation system.
  • Abrasion-resistant endless conveyor belt with a thickness of 0.35mm is provided for the Machine.
  • Multi-stage system up to 6 stages is available.
  • Different Magnetic Strengths are available:
    • 8,000 Gauss
    • 10,000 Gauss to 11,000 Gauss

The best part.

Jaykrishna Magnetic Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in the field of manufacturing and supplying of high-intensity magnetic destoner to separate mud balls and paramagnetic contamination from grains. We have 38+ years of experience in evolving machines which are highly efficient and capable enough for the separation process.

Our machines are developed by a team of experts who have high experience of designing various types of magnetic separators and vibratory equipment. Jaykrishna magnetic Pvt. Ltd. designs a wide range of magnetic separators under the guidance of experts which ensures that the machine fits the client’s requirements.

Our machines are installed in various mills like rice mills, dal mills, cleaning lines and other grains processing plants. We also design various types of magnetic separators like eddy current separator, inline drum separator and many other magnetic separators as per the client’s requirement.

If you are facing an issue of separating impurities from grains, spices, and pulses then feel free to contact us. Our team will get back to you with the most effective solution that fulfills your requirements.

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