How to Remove Mud Balls & Metallic Impurities from Dry Garlic – Magnetic Destoner

The food industry is one of the fastest and the largest growing industries in India and ranks on top in terms of production, consumption, and exports. There are multiple processes done after the growing of products in the food processing Industry.

The impurities in grains, pulses, and in food Is a headache nowadays to clean it and if it is consumed by people then health issues are caused. Some mud balls and metallic impurities are minutes that cannot be seen from a human eye. But there is a solution to remove small particles and black stone and mud balls in all kinds of food products. The Magnetic Destoner is a highly equipped technology that helps to separate all kinds of unwanted particles.  

Dried garlic is minced into small pieces that incorporate well into many of the dishes and impart a garlic flavor without the texture. It is most widely used in many cuisines around the world for its pungent flavor in different cuisine like in pizza and more. Dry Garlic products are available in various forms like they are flaked, then available chopped form, minced, powdered, and also granulated. But in that, we might find mud balls, metallic impurities, and black stone  

Cleaning food products is a major issue in the food industry sector. Like many small particles like mud balls and metallic impurities are there. You can find it when we collect all types of food products like pulses grans and many more. And it’s injurious to health if someone consumes it. For this many plants are looking for a solution to clean out these mud balls, black stone, and metallic impurities from it.

Many industries are facing this issue and finding a solution to clear the impurities like mud balls, metallic impurities, and Blackstone from Dry Garlic. Some industries do try to clean all the impurities like metallic impurities and mud balls through but mostly they fail.    

Removing mud balls from Dry Garlic is one of the large issues industries are facing now, their machine belts are still not able to remove impurities and black stones from the Dry Garlic. And then day-by-day mud ball is a rising issue for any cleaning line and flour mill.

Solution That Works

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has designed and manufactured high-intensity magnetic Destoner to separate mud balls and paramagnetic contamination from Dry Garlic. Our machine comes with a great solution for separating the particular thing and the benefit of low power consumption on the process. We have an authentic quality proven track record of removing mud balls and black stones from Dry Garlic.

The power consumption of the machine is around 1hp maximum which is the least power consumption and a very high-efficiency technology machine. Our machine has a capacity of 3metric tons per hr. and it also goes to 30metric tons per hr. and can be installed in any mills like flour mills, dal mills, and cleaning lines.

How It Works

Our Magnetic Destoner works one belt which runs on a magnetic role which traps the paramagnetic component. In the process, remaining particles like mud balls and magnetic impurities. In the machine at the top, the in feeder there we have two little connections are placed which are connected to cleaning line. Then the material falls down the will of a vibratory feeder which works with a motor inserted in the machine. 

Both motor and feeder are mounted to springs. The machine has a feeder gate that controls the feed in two ways: primarily and secondarily machine has another gate at vibratory discharge. Then the Materials fall on a conveyor belt which is a Teflon-based belt.


Specifically, there are two roles in the belt magnetic roll and idler roll. When the materials fall e belt the remaining magnetic content is dropped into the outlet. And the non-magnetic content falls into another space on the right side. It separates all impurities which have paramagnetic properties.


Our magnetic Destoner is the most advanced magnetic separator design for removing paramagnetic impurities from the dry garlic and apart from this, it is capable enough for removing mud balls and black stone from dry garlic. If you are facing any problem with removing impurities, feel free to contact us. For more insights about our product visit our website: www.jkmagnetic.