High-Intensity Magnetic Separators For Mining And Mineral Processing Industry



The mining and mineral processing industry is a highly growing industry with an unavoidable supply demand. Mainly responsible for extracting and processing natural resources, mining, and mineral industries are growing faster and faster. 

While every sector in the global economy faces common challenges — mining and minerals have been also presented with a challenge. These industries face challenges to maintain the purity level of resources mined while processing. 

Different types of magnetic and metallic impurities are found in minerals which require to be separated in order to maintain the product purity and avoid any harm caused. And to do so, high-intensity magnetic separators must be used for the best separation of metallic impurities. 

High-intensity magnetic separators are widely used in the mining and mineral industry due to their quality performance in treating paramagnetic minerals. 

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. supplies a complete range of magnetic separators that effectively separates paramagnetic and ferromagnetic particles from minerals. Designed to improve processing efficiency and reduce production costs, we provide the best magnetic separation technology for mining and mineral processing. 

Continue reading to learn more about our high-intensity magnetic separators, their features, and their role in the mining and mineral processing industry.

Mining & Mineral Processing Industry

The mining and mineral processing industries in India are one of the core industries of the global economy. In fact, India is the second-largest country in the world, producing coal, and the fifth-largest country in the world in terms of coal deposits.

Talking about industries individually, the major role of the mining industry involves the extraction of natural resources from the earth’s surface, such as coal, metals, minerals, and other basic raw materials useful in many industries. 

On the other hand, mineral processing industries play an important role in processing these raw materials into useful products. Mineral processing industries effectively treat crude ores and other mineral products to separate valuable minerals.

What Are The Challenges Faced By The Mining And Mineral Processing Industry?

The greatest challenge faced by the mining and mineral processing industry is removing unwanted minerals generated by the extraction process. Whether done via open seam or underground mining, the extraction process of minerals creates a large number of waste products that are either low-value minerals or unusable materials.  

These unwanted materials can be tough to separate from valuable minerals and require the most efficient separation techniques to separate these materials.

How Are Magnetic Separators Useful To Overcome These Challenges?

High-intensity magnetic separators are one of the most preferred choices in the mining and mineral processing industry to separate tramp iron and unwanted waste metals from valuable minerals. Tramp ore consists of wires, nuts, bolts, and broken hand tool pieces.  

Generally, for the separation, the magnetic separators are installed at the beginning of the mine’s material processing line for removing tramp ore before it can cause any harm to other equipment. 

These pieces of equipment are mainly ore crushes and conveyor belts, which have a high chance of getting damaged by metal flakes and other sharp metallic objects.

For separation, magnetic separators use magnetic force to pull out metallic and ferrous materials from the product. Magnetic separation technologies are a combination of vibratory and magnetic mechanisms, where the material is added through the vibrating mechanism, and unwanted materials are attracted via the magnetic mechanism.

Which Type Of Magnetic Separator To Use?

Selecting which type of magnetic separator to install depends on the type of material extracted and the amount of impurities it has. Also, there are three different types of magnetic properties of minerals which includes Paramagnetic, Ferromagnetic, and Diamagnetic. 

Paramagnetic minerals are hematite, ilmenite, chromite, etc. which only have a slight effect of magnetic field applied. Secondly, Ferromagnetic minerals like magnetite are minerals that are capable of attaining a high degree of magnetic alignment.

Diamagnetic minerals, for example, silica, are weakly repelled by the strong magnetic pole. Hence, when a magnetic field is applied, these minerals develop a magnetic moment through induction.

As a result, magnetic separators of different magnetic fluxes and power can be used to handle these types of materials. There are mainly two types of magnetic separators.

  1. Electromagnetic Separators These types of magnetic separators are helpful for removing large tramp ores from the bulk material.
  2. Permanent Magnetic Separators – These types of magnetic separators are used to remove strongly magnetic materials like nickel, iron, cobalt, and other rare earth metals.

Magnetic Separators Popular In Mining And Mineral Processing Industry

There are various types of magnetic separators used in the mining and mineral processing industry below are some of them:

Magnetic Drum Pulley The magnetic drum pulley is one of the most powerful magnetic separators used to separate ferromagnetic particles such as steel and iron from non-magnetic materials in conveyor systems.

Magnetic Plate Available in various sizes and strengths, the magnetic plate is used for the continuous removal of unwanted tramp metals and makes minerals metal-free.

Overband Magnetic SeparatorOverband magnetic separator is a highly effective magnetic separator for separating ferrous impurities from minerals of all kinds. It can easily attract magnetic particles over a conveyor belt and is well known for providing long-term magnetic stability.

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator –  Wet drum magnetic separator is also suitable for separating magnetic particles in mining and mineral processing industries. It used high-strength magnets to efficiently remove magnetic impurities from wet materials like ore slurries.

Magnetic-Drum-Pulley Overband-Magnetic-Separator Plate-Magnet Wet-Drum-Magnetic-Separator




Features Of Our Magnetic Separators

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Smart Functionality 
  • High Magnetic Strength 
  • Easy To Install
  • Continuous Separation 
  • Strong Construction
  • Self Cleaning Option Available

Final Takeaway

Installing the best magnetic separation technology in mineral processing is crucial for the quality separation of minerals. We hope the above points can help you make a better decision while selecting the right magnetic separator for your specific requirements.

What’s More?

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of magnetic separators for the mining and mineral processing industry. Apart from the above-listed magnetic separators, we offer a huge range of magnetic separators for diverse industrial applications. 

So if you are looking for the best magnetic separator for your industry, look no further than Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.

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