Eddy Current Separator For Auto Shredder Residue Recycling

Eddy Current Separator For Auto Shredder Residue Recycling

The rapid increase in end-of-life vehicles is mainly responsible for generating automotive shredder residue waste. When end-of-life vehicles are recycled using shredding methods, they produce a large amount of auto shredder residue.

ASR mainly consists of non-metallic materials like rubber, wood, plastics, textile, leather, or glass, which can be recycled and reused.

In today’s world, automotive shredder residue waste is rising as a global environmental concern due to its complex contents and incapability to dissolve in the environment. If not properly disposed of, toxic substances within the ASR may harm the surrounding soil and groundwater.

Recycling is an essential aspect of waste management, and for reducing environmental impact, innovative technologies are being developed.

One such innovation is the eddy current separator that is widely used in the ASR recycling industry for separating ferrous and nonferrous metal from the product.

Continue reading to explore what auto shredder residue is, why ASR recycling is important, and how Eddy Current Separator plays a crucial role in the ASR recycling process.

What Is Auto Shredder Residue?

When recycling end-of-life vehicles a series of recycling operations are required, such as preliminary recycling, pressing, and shredding. When the end-of-life vehicle passes through the shredder machine, it left over a huge amount of residue.

This leftover residue is known as automotive shredder residue or car fluff. ASR consists of different types of non-ferrous metals, which makes it challenging to separate because of their different properties and compositions.

Auto Shredder Residue Recycling Importance

Auto Shredder residue contains a large amount of non-metallic and a small amount of metallic materials in it. It may also consist of many harmful pollutants like lead, petroleum hydrocarbons, and cadmium, which makes it a hazardous waste.

ASR recycling is critical for many reasons; for instance, it reduces the amount of waste disposed of in landfills, minimizes environmental pollution, and most importantly, allows the recovery of valuable materials, which reduces the need for rare resources.

However, due to the complex nature of ASR, even after the multiple sorting process, many recyclable materials, such as ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals need to be separated from the material.

Recyclers require robust magnetic separators that can handle a variety of ASR materials, whether it’s light or heavy fractions. Effective recycling equipment will help ASR industries extract valuable materials from the mixture.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. offers the best magnetic separator for recycling industries. One of them is the Eddy Current Separator widely used for ASR recycling to recover and separate different particles.

Eddy Current Separator For Auto Shredder Residue Recycling

Eddy current separator is a powerful magnetic separator used in the recycling process of auto shredder residue. It is smartly designed to separate non-ferrous metals from ASR waste.

Moreover, the non-ferrous separator has an advanced mechanism with a rare earth magnet that generates a stronger eddy current for the separation of non-ferrous metals from the ASR mixture.

How Does An Eddy Current Separator Work?

Eddy current separator works on the eddy current principle where it uses a permanent rare earth magnet to produce eddy current into metallic particles and repelling force to separate them.

To elaborate, an eddy current separator consists of a vibro feeder that uses vibration to feed and move the ASR material to the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt moves the materials forward towards the rotating drum.

This rotating drum is like a metal cylinder coated with powerful magnets that generate changing magnetic fields. Hence, when the ASR material passes over the magnetic drum, the eddy current creates its own magnetic field, which opposes the magnetic field produced by the rotating drum.

This causes the non-ferrous metals present in the material to repel and be removed from the conveyor belt over the splitter box into a separate collection area. The remaining ASR material continues moving out toward the discharge point.

Advantages Of Eddy Current Separator In Recycling

  • Highly efficient metal separation
  • Tensile structure with anti-vibration pads 
  • Zero valuable material loss 
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High non-ferrous metals recovery
  • Protects recycling equipment from wear and tear
  • High-speed magnetic rotor

Eddy Current Separator Applications

Apart from recovering nonferrous metals from auto shredder residue, an eddy current separator is used for many applications.

For example, an eddy current separator is used for 

  • separating aluminum cans from municipal solid waste,
  • removing metal contaminants from plastics,
  • extracting metallic contaminants from glass cullet,
  • concentrating metallics in electronic scrap, 
  • removing aluminum cans from materials recovery facilities residue  
  • separating impurities from PET beverage containers
  • aluminum scrap recovery in foundry sand reclamation
  • and recovering non-ferrous metal in refuse streams and ash streams in waste-to-energy facilities.

To Sum Up

Auto shredder residue recycling is a crucial process that requires advanced recycling equipment. Eddy current separators have evolved as a promising solution for ASR recycling to efficiently recover valuable materials from the product stream. 

 Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is a leading magnetic separator manufacturer in India. Our range of magnetic separators is renowned globally for their best performance. We specifically manufacture a quality range of eddy current separators for recycling industries to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.

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