Eddy Current Separator For Auto Shredded & Scrap Metal

Importance of Recycling

By recycling, we save resources and save money. Recycling is the most important thing for industries to achieve their goal of cost reduction. Recycling the metals reduces pollution, saves resources and reduces waste. Metal is a continuous resource, which is made from old automobiles, appliances, buildings, bridges, airplanes, etc. Recycling the metal consumes less energy so that we can get maximum benefits from it.

Recycling in the automobile

Per year, millions of cars are ditched. From that, we can recycle metal and save resources. As per the survey, US scraps over 12-15 million cars every year, Europe about 9 million, Japan and China about 6 million each in a year. The total market size of auto shredding in developed countries is nearby 30+ million cars, which generates about 27 million tons of scrap metal. The magnetic separator separates metals and removes all impurities from the material. After recycling we can use the metal for other products.

But here is a catch                                                                     

From last many years, industries are increasing their development in metal recycling but they are not satisfied with the machines and separators which are available in the current market so they are facing problems because the separators are not capable enough to properly separate the metal from raw material so the recycling activities are falling off.

Importance of eddy current separator in recycling

The main use of an eddy current separator is to recover the non-ferrous metals that come from raw materials produced by the shredder. The scraped metal greatly increases rates of metal recycling. With the use of an eddy current separator, the separation is done very efficiently. Our magnetic separator called eddy current separator is the most advanced machine to recover aluminum and other non-ferrous metal from the product stream in the recycling industry. The most important benefit of metal recycling is that metal can be recycled over and over without losing its strength and quality.

Here is the deal

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing eddy current separators with long lasting strength and high power magnets. Our eddy current separator is having high-quality magnets which are used in the separation process of metals. We are providing the best quality separators that satisfy a user’s needs. We have customers from various countries like the US and Europe and they highly appreciate our products. So if you are looking for eddy current separator for metal recycling, Jaykrishna Magnetics provides the best quality magnetic separators.

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