Magnetic Separators For Waste And Recycling Industries

“The most important thing for any recycling industry” is to recover metal from the waste materials.

3 main purposes for the filtering out and extraction of metals –

#1. Resource Recovery – It is the process to recover the resource by using wastes as an input material to create valuable products. At last, the wastes are remelted and reshaped into new products.

#2. Product Purification – Product purification is the way to separate those impurities that resemble the product very closely in physical and chemical properties. Timber and glass are the waste products which are more suitable for recycling after the tramp metal has been removed.

#3. Plant Protection – Tramp metal is a danger for recycling equipment if it is not removed then it can cause damage to recycling impurities.


Overbelt/suspension magnets, magnetic pulley and eddy current separators are the widely used metal separation equipment that is used in recycling and waste facilities to extract metal pieces from the products.

Common extracted metals include:

  • Ferromagnetic particles like iron, steel, and work hardened stainless steel (SS) are removed by overbelt/suspension magnet or magnetic pulley.
  • Non-ferromagnetic particles like aluminium and copper are removed by Eddy Current Separators.

There are numbers of magnetic separators are installed in various strategic locations around a plant.

It takes care that both types of metals are extracted easily and the risk of metal impurities is minimized.

Overbelt and Suspension magnets

Overbelt and suspension magnets are specially designed to extract tramp iron from the material that is being processed on the conveyor belt or a vibratory feeder.

Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulleys are specially designed to separate tramp metals like bucket teeth, steel, bore crowns, bar scrap, chains and tools. It is widely used in the recycling industry to remove steel from aluminium cans and many other ferrous contaminations like spikes, cans, nails, nuts etc. Magnetic Head Pulley is mostly used in wood, plastic, steel, paper, scrap yard, mining recycling, municipal recycling industries and many other recycling plants.

It is easy to install at conveyor discharge and it provides complete magnetic protection to the pulley for eliminating ferrous contaminants.

Eddy Current Separators 

Eddy Current Separator is specially designed to help the recycling industry by separating non-ferrous metals like aluminium, brass, copper, lead, etc. Basically, it is used to remove metals based on a high conductivity-to-density ratio. The main thing to know about this machine is his robust construction with anti-vibration pads.

The powerful quality of magnets is used for the perfect and smooth separation for all industries. Eddy current separator has a capacity from 2MT/hr to 15MT/hr. It easily solves the problem of eliminating non-ferrous metals from municipal solid waste. By using this eddy current separator, recycling industries like plastic, rubber, glass, municipal solid waste, e-waste, pet etc. can take a huge advantage of it!

Recycling & Waste Applications:

  • Glass recycling
  • Scrap material
  • Pet flakes
  • Plastic recycling
  • Rubber recycling
  • Municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • e-waste recycling

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