Eddy Current Separator For Non-Ferrous Metal & MSW Separation

What is an eddy current separator?

Eddy currents separators are usually used to separate non-ferrous metals like aluminum, brass, copper, lead, etc in a variety of industrial applications. It is used to separate metals based on a high conductivity-to-density ratio. This technology is able to separate and recover non-ferrous metals from municipal as well as industrial waste. At Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. we are using the strongest and the best quality of magnets to give the desired separation for all the industries.

Eddy Current Separator Supplier

Eddy Current Separator Supplier

How does eddy current separator work?

Eddy current separators respond to the problem of separating non-ferrous metals from municipal solid waste and depend on the ability of metals to conduct electrical current. If the magnetic induction in a material change with time, a voltage is generated in that material and the induced voltage produces a current called eddy current.

The Eddy Current assembly consists of a rotor which comprises magnet blocks (generally ferrite ceramic) which are spun at over 2500 rpm (rotations per minute) to produce eddy current. This eddy current reacts with different metals based on the conductivity-to-density ratio, creating a repelling force on the charged particle. Light and a conductive metal, such as aluminum, can easily rise and thus be ejected from the normal flow of the product stream making separation possible.

Eddy current separators have been extremely crucial for the municipal solid waste industry as they are able to separate metals before the waste goes for processing. The eddy current separator is applied to a conveyor belt carrying mixed waste. At the end of the conveyor belt, there is an eddy current rotor. Non-ferrous metals are pushed forward by eddy current pole from the belt into the metal chute, the rest of material simply fall off the belt due to gravity to the second chute.

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The Eddy Current Separator consists of the following equipment:

  • Conveyor belt with full control speed up to 2.5 m/s
  • Magnetic rotor with high-energy magnets
  • Frequency converters for control of magnetic rotor and belt speed
  • The emergency braking system of magnetic rotor
  • Cover of separation zone with a splitter
  • Belt bank limit switch
  • Rotation control of belt bank drive
  • Visualization of the status of work: work/breakdown/service/breaking
  • Cleaning brush with geared motor
  • Operating hours counter
  • Control cabinet with full equipment for connect with the main control and visualization system
  • Vibratory feeder with magnetic pulley for ferrous metal separation before eddy current separation

The best part?

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has designed the most extensive eddy current separator which could easily separate nonferrous metals for the reuse. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of magnetic separators and magnetic equipments around the globe. Our eddy current separator uses the eddy currents for the separation process to and is capable enough to handle high capacities because the belt separates non-ferrous metals more effectively and precisely.

Advantages of Eddy Current separator:

  • The high efficiency of metal separation from 1 mm
  • It has a solid structure with anti-vibration pads
  • Negligible loss of valuable material
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy service and signalizing of lubrication time
  • The design protects recycling equipment with negligible wear and tear
  • High yields of non-ferrous metals recovery
  • Superior safety system with electronic braking of the high-speed magnetic rotor
  • The full control system of all parameters of work by frequency converters

Industrial applications:

  • Separation of non-ferrous metals from municipal and industrial waste
  • Recovery of metals in automobile recycling lines
  • Recovery of metals in household recycling
  • Installations of aluminum and copper recycling
  • Separation of aluminum in glass recycling
  • Metal separation from PET
  • Metal separation from alternative fuel in cement mills and power plants

Here’s the deal.

Jaykrishna Magnetic Pvt. Ltd. has developed a wide range of magnetic separators which uses the powerful magnetic field to eliminate non-ferrous metals from waste. For over 3 decades, we are one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of magnetic separators and equipment and our highly skilled staff is always ready to provide you the best solutions to your problem.

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