Importance of Eddy Current Separator In Recycling Industries

Why & What Is Recycling? 

Recycling is the process to separate the waste materials into new material and to make the material usable. Recycling the waste product is very important as per the current market situation. Many big industries have already started using recycling products and they are also doing the process of recycling their old products. By reusing any material industries can save the environment, money and time.

Recycling is the best way to reduce the number of materials which are wasted or thrown in landfills like plastic, paper, glass, aluminium, copper and other raw materials. The main reason behind recycling the product is to save expenses and resources. Or to converse energy, reduce pollution, and to help the environment.

Important Machine Eddy Current Separator

In recycling process there are numbers of machinery is used. Among all the machinery eddy current separator is the most important machine which is used in recycling process.

Eddy current separator is a magnetic separator to separate the non-ferrous metal from the waste. Eddy current is used to effect the separation. In eddy current separator high-power magnets are used to remove non-ferrous metal which increases purity and quality of recycled materials without any material loss.

What Is Eddy Current?

Eddy currents are loops of electric current which is circulated in a conductor by changing the magnetic field in it. When the current flows through the conductor, an eddy current will produce its own magnetic field.

Eddy Current makes use of electromagnetic induction to detect, characterize surface and sub-surface flaws in conduction materials.

How Separation Is Done!!

Eddy current separator is a magnetic separator designed to separate non-ferrous metal from waste materials.

When materials fall down to the conveyor belt from roller or drum, the conveyor belt carries a thin layer of mixed waste and there is an eddy motor at the end of the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt separates non-ferrous metal which is thrown from the belt into the material bin due to the gravity. Eddy Current Separator removes non-ferrous metal from the waste in just one step.

Eddy Current Separator Working Gif

Eddy Current Separator Working Gif

Recycling Sector

Recycling process can be done of aluminium, plastic, rubber, municipal solid waste (MSW) and many other materials. In aluminium recycling, the scrap waste aluminium metals can be reused in products after the initial production.

Recycling can be done in many sectors like Aluminium, Plastic, Magnesium and other raw materials. To recycle aluminium metals like beverage cans, aluminum baking trays and pie pans are recycled. Recycling aluminium saves energy, environment and avoids resources to be extracted from the earth.

Plastic Recycling is the process to remove waste plastic and make it reusable. Plastic Recycling reduces the energy usage and the consumption of fresh raw materials. It also reduces the air pollution and water pollution.

Recycling process can be done of various material like rubber, municipal solid waste and many more.

But There’s A Catch.

To remove non-ferrous metals from waste material is difficult task industries are facing. Old eddy current separators are not able to recover non-ferrous particles with a diameter of less than 5 mm. And their rotors are not specially designed to solve this problem.

Removing the majority of the non-ferrous metals from the waste materials is a difficult task for maximum recycling industries. Old generation eddy current separators are not able to recover non-ferrous particles with a diameter of less than 5 mm. And their rotors are not capable enough to solve the problem of separation.

Here’s The Deal.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the specially designed Eddy Current Separator to remove non-ferrous metals from the raw materials like aluminium, plastic, copper, magnesium, rubber, MSW and other raw materials.

Our machine has a conveyor belt system with a high-speed magnetic rotor at the end. We provide the innovative solutions of magnetic separation using our new generation of eddy current separator. Our Eddy Current Separator is on demand for non-ferrous metals separation such as aluminium, copper, plastic, rubber and other raw materials are recovered and recycled.

Eddy Current Separator India

Eddy Current Separator India

We also design various other magnetic separators and vibratory equipment for the recycling industries. We have expertise in manufacturing magnetic separator and industrial magnets for the recycling industry. Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is the most renowned name is magnetic separation technology from last 38+ years.

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