Top 5 Most Used Magnetic Separator/Separations in Australian Industries

Top 5 Most Used Magnetic Separator:Separations in Australian Industries

Top 5 Most Used Magnetic Separator:Separations in Australian Industries

Australian manufacturing industry highly growing from last many decades. As per the statistics they are creating more jobs in various industrial sectors. Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing Magnetic Separators manufacturing company in India, widely known as trusted exporter in australian manufacturing industries.

In Australia there are number of industries who are manufacturing products for different sectors. Industries like pharmaceutical, plastic, recycling, food processing, chemicals and many other are growing rapidly. We at Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures various kinds of magnetic separators which are used in all these industries. Our high-quality of separators are used in magnetic separation process in different phase to remove the unnecessary immunities.

Our industrial magnetics separators are used to filter and remove metal contaminations from product streams. We specially develop a range of magnetic separators like magnetic rods, magnetic destoners, eddy current separators, magnetic grills and many more industrial magnets for australian manufacturing industries.

Here is the list of magnetic separators which can be used in various industries to remove metal contaminations.

#1. Magnetic Destoner:

Magnetic Destoner is the heart of food processing industries specially who are cleaning grains and other products. Magnetic Destoners are efficient, high-intensity, high-gradient and durable machine for a wide variety of applications for separations including coffee, beans, seeds, wheat, cereal, maize, rice, soybean, seed, sunflower seed, legume, barley, oat, malt, nut, millet and buckwheat and others.

It removes the mud balls, metal, stones and many other impurities from grains. Our magnetic destoner is the high demand magnetic separators for australian manufacturing industries.

#2. Magnetic Rods:

Magnetic Rods is the most important industrial magnets used to remove tramp metals from processed liquids and dry metals. It can be used in different industries from food and plastic processing to chemical and powder processing.

#3. Magnetic Lifters:

Our highly efficient Magnetic Lifters are used to lift the products like steel plates, press moulds, blocks and many more in australian manufacturing industries. It also used to load and unload the machines during the handling operation. That’s why magnetic lifters is also known as permanent magnetic lifters for handling equipments.

#4. Eddy Current Separators:

Eddy current separators is one the best industrial magnetic separators for recycling plants in Australia. Eddy current separators are used in recycling plants like rubber recycling, aluminium recycling, pet flakes, glass cullet, municipal solid waste recycling and much more. Our eddy current separators is also known as non-ferrous metal separators.

#5. Overband Magnetic Separators:

Premium quality of Overband Magnetic Separators is manufactured to eliminate tramp metal from the product carried a belt, vibratory feeders or by inclined planes in Australia. Our industrial overband magnetic separators are used in australia to protect, clean and separate materials on applications in the recycling and quarrying industries.

We are supplying a wide range of magnetic separations product to australia from last many years. If you are looking for any kind of magnetic separators and other industrial products then please contact us by clicking here.