Magnetic Separation Equipments For Plastic Recycling Industries

Plastic products and materials are extremely resourced efficient not only in their production phase but also during their use phase. Over the last many years we are serving many plastic industries in India and across the world by supplying our magnetic separators for their industrial uses.

In plastic processing industries, there are two things raw materials and virgin plastics that combined and then processed into various plastic products like plastic bags, household products and plastic products which can use in various industries.

From last many years recycling plastic processing industry is growing very rapidly. In this separation process, it is very important to get the effective results. Our magnetic separators help to filter and remove metal contamination from your product streams in various industries.

Here is the list of finest quality of magnetic separators which are used in processing and recycling industries in plastic sector.

1. Magnetic Rod:

Magnetic Rod is the permanent magnet which is made up of magnets, which are fitted inside seam less drawn. It removes fine ferrous metal from both free flowing dry and wet products, mainly it is used in inspection in recycling plastic process.

2. Magnetic Grill:

It is the commonly used magnetic separator in plastic industries. Magnetic Grill is used for the separation of iron particles mixed with dry, granular or free flowing materials. There are different types of magnetic grills.

It is made by using stainless steel frames with a magnetic rod inside the frame.

3. Drawer Magnet:

Drawer Magnet provides the valuable protection to the injection molding machines, molds and dies. This type of ferrous metal removal unit can be fitted simply in existing pipeline or outlet or various equipment like pulverizer, blenders and classifier or any other outlet locations.  

The drawer magnets are available with either Ferrite magnets or with High Intensity, Rare Earth Nd-Fe-B Magnets.

4. Magnetic Plates:

Magnetic Plates are an important industrial iron separator that is suitable for filtering metal particles out of free-falling product streams or products on a conveyor belt with relatively little Fe contamination. Basically, it is used for the situations when the flow is enclosed, there is an option to use magnetic plates.

5. Inline Magnet:

Our inline magnet separators are a range of magnets which are used in pipelines in order to pick up and remove fine ferrous contaminant metal. Inline Magnet is also called Pipeline Plate Magnet. It captures the metal debris from the middle of the pipes product flow and then the inline magnets can be used in plastic industries.

6. Overband Magnetic Separators:

Our specially design overband magnetic separators for recycling industries are the most effective magnetic separators for the continuous removal of tramp ferrous materials from a product stream. It is also called suspension magnet or overband magnetic separators. It is fixed above a conveyor belt which is used in transporting plastic recyclable products and overband magnetic separators task is to pick up any contaminant metals and separate them from the flow.

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#7. Eddy Current Separators:

We have specially developed Eddy Current Separator for Plastic Recycling. It removes all kinds of non-ferrous metals and Non-Ferrous alloys, including aluminum, copper, and brass from plastic. In a world of depleting natural resources, the race is on to find faster, cheaper and more efficient ways of reclaiming and recovering raw materials, as well as improving the purity and reducing the risk of contamination during the processing. Eddy current separators are very common in the fastest growing market of a beverage can sorting, where they can provide an accurate separation of aluminum cans from waste streams. Our Eddy Current Separator is highly appreciated by our client specially in Plastic Recycling.

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By helping lots of recycling industries worldwide Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd is a reputed name in manufacturing and supplying magnetic detector or magnetic separators from last 38 years. If you are looking for any kind of magnetic separator for plastic industries than feel free to contact us by clicking here. Our marketing representatives will get back to you with all useful information.