An Overview Of Aluminium Recycling Line Installed At Client’s Place

An Overview Of Aluminium Recycling Line Installed At Client’s Place

An Overview Of Aluminium Recycling Line

Recently, we successfully installed the Aluminium Recycling Line at our client’s plant. Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. designed this high-quality Processing Line which separates the valuable material through a series of machines.

This Processing Line includes

  1. Vibratory Feeder
  2. Hopper Magnet
  3. Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder
  4. Trommel
  5. Conveyor Belt
  6. Eddy Current Separator
  7. Sorting Belt

Vibratory Feeder is the most important and starting part of this processing line where aluminium scrap is fed to the Vibratory Feeder. Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal which is widely used in different applications. Because of its mass consumption, it is widely used in impurity form. Generally, it is presented in scrap and municipal waste form. So it needed to extract the aluminium from the impurity so that it can be used the second time.

Vibratory Feeder applies the centrifugal force to the material which seems like a linear force. As aluminium scrap is presented in unmatched form, Feeder maintains the flow rate and makes it consistent. Consistent flow is good for trouble-free and smooth operation. It increases overall efficiency.

Aluminium Recycling Line

Vibratory Feeder conveys the material using a conveyor where it reaches to the Hopper Magnet after weaving. Hopper Magnet is like a protecting device to the machine. It protects the system from contamination. It ensures hassle-free and smooth operation. It prevents any iron material while entering into the machine.

Further through weaving, hopper material went to the Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder. Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder works as a controller to regulate the flow of bulk aluminium. It maintains the vibration of the product with a smooth uniform flow of the material. Through Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder, material goes to 3 screen trommel. Where fine material is extracted from the scrap. It is collected in three-part.

Here fine material, coarse material and a big piece of material got eliminated.

After the elimination process material moves toward Eddy Current Separator through the conveyor belt. Eddy Current Separator is an effective tool in removing the aluminium. The magnetic fields generated from these current loops produce the repulsive force on the aluminium. Here Eddy Current Separator is connected with the Magnetic Drum. It has a rugged construction which is an ideal machine for the ferrous metals. With the help of Magnetic Drum, the strong magnetic force is applied and the non-conductive & non-ferrous metals get separated.

In the end, the variety of material reached the final stage which is the conveyor belt. It is a 20ft long sorting belt which has the cluster of copper, brass, zinc and other valuable material. Through manual effort, the different material is collected separately.

Through this processing line, we can easily get a very low quality of Zorba. Our installed aluminium recycling line has the capacity to handle zobra around 1.2 mt/hr to 1.5 mt/hr.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of magnetic separators for different industrial applications. Before installing the Aluminium Recycling Line, we analyzed the customer’s requirement and then provided a precise solution. Because of our reliable and innovative solution, our client is extremely satisfied with our service.