Lithium-Ion Battery Shredded Scrap Separation By Eddy Current Separator – A Definitive Guide


Lithium-Ion Battery Shredded Scrap

As technology advances, millions of automobiles and electronic gadgets are equipped with or powered by LIBs, and the number of such devices grows by the day. As a result, the amount of trash produced has a severe influence on the environment. 

Importance of Lithium-Ion Battery Shredded Scrap Separation?

The primary aspect of Lithium-Ion batteries is their ability to be recycled and utilized for other applications, hence reducing the amount of influence they have on the environment. With the development in the usage of modern gadgets, the waste of lithium-ion batteries has also increased. Thus, to prevent this waste from occurring, several recycling machines have been brought onto the market, of which the eddy current separator is considered to be the best in the recycling industry.  

What Is Eddy Current Separator?

An eddy current separator is a magnetic separator that is used to extract Lithium-ion battery waste, aluminum, and magnetic material. The separation is accomplished by the use of an eddy current. High-power magnets are used in eddy current separators to remove non-ferrous metal, which boosts the purity and quality of recovered materials while minimizing material loss. 

What is the working principle of Eddy Current Separator?

The eddy current separator has a short belt of conveyors with a strong magnetic rotor device at the discharge end. A magnetic rotor within a non-metallic drum rotates at high speed while the exterior drum cover rotates at the speed of the eddy current belt conveyor.


When the rotor spins fast enough, an electrical current is induced into the metals. The generated electric current creates a magnetic field that opposes the rotor’s field, pushing the conducting metals across a splitter plate. Plastics, glass, and other dry recyclables will drop over the rotor, segregating them from the repelled metals.


Lithium-Ion Battery Shredded Scrap Separation By Eddy Current Separator

Importance Of Eddy Current Separator In Recycling Process

Several machines are used in the recycling process. One of the most essential pieces of recycling equipment is the eddy current separator. Eddy current separators are magnetic separators that use eddy currents to separate non-ferrous metals from an input waste or ore stream. Eddy current is utilized to separate the two materials. When using an eddy current separator a powerful magnet may be employed to separate non-ferrous metal without causing any material loss.

Conclusion: Here’s the deal 

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