How To Remove Iron Particles From Wheat, Rice and Corn Using Magnetic Destoner

Among all the three main necessities of life, food plays an important role. While food industry in India is the most promising sector in growth for next many years. According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation statistics, the food industry which is currently valued at US$ 39.71 billion is expected to grow at CAGR of 11 percent to US$ 65.4 billion by 2018.

Before delivering food products globally and local market it’s important for the factories to clean them properly. Usually wheat, corn and rice are the most used food product in day to day life and it is our responsibility to give the best product so the consumer can use them without any problem.

Our newly developed Magnetic Destoner is specially used for wheat, rice, corn, soybean and other Agro products. It is the most demanded product in current season for food processing.

For wheat, corn, soybean and rice, the magnetic destoner plays an important in removing the impurities like mud balls, metals, debris, weed seeds and magnetic stones from Flour, Semolina, Maida and more that decreases the chances of risk in all the products.

Our magnetic destoner is compact in design which is easily accommodate in your exciting food industry. Magnetic Destoner is also available in different models having capacity from 1MT to 25MT per hour.

The major benefits of our magnetic destoner are as under:

  • It removes almost 99.9% mud balls.
  • The wearing effects of grinding roller will be less.
  • Lowest operational cost.
  • Maximum energy consumption is from 1 HP to 1.5 HP power.  
  • An improved feed system gives higher separation efficiency.
  • A cantilever design that allows operators in speedy replacement of the belts.

Being the company of values we understand your requirements and deliver products with best quality and excellent services.

Our Magnetic Destoner will help you clean the wheat, rice, soybeans and help you serve your products better.

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