How To Clean Grains Using Magnetic Destoner – A Complete Guide

How to Clean Grains Using Magnetic Destoner

How to Clean Grains Using Magnetic Destoner

Food sector plays an integral role in world’s economy. The Food Sector of India is growing rapidly. According to the recent statistics Indian Economy Registered a rapid growth, especially in food sector.

As we all know every living thing need quality food to survive. Due to pollution, it have become really hard to find a good and quality food.

Being a leader in magnetic industries from last 38 years we developed a best quality of magnetic destoners that helps to clean grains from unnecessary particles to provide you the quality food.

So here in the complete guide of the process of cleaning the grains and how magnetic destoner plays an important role in it.

1. Cutting

Ones the grains are grown first process is to cut from the farm. While cutting the grains they become muddy and many dirty particles gets mixed with the grains.

2. Field Drying:

While all the grains are cut properly the next step is to dry all the grains. The best and the traditional way of drying the grain is to spread them on the ground. By field drying the moisture gets evaporated from grains due to sunlight. But by field drying method all the dirts are not completely removed.

3. Hauling

The crop is transported to some other place, usually to the place where it will be threshed. To remove unnecessary particles properly. Before doing the hauling process the grains is put onto the stacks or piles.

4. Threshing: 

Threshing helps to loosening the edible part of cereal grains from the scaly, inedible chaff that surrounds it. There are various ways of threshing, where small business owners do it by hand, while large business owners uses modern machineries.

5. Cleaning:

Cleaning is the most important part of the procedure. It removes all the dirts from the grains and at this point, magnetic destoner plays an important. Magnetic destoner helps you to eliminate impurities that pose a significant health and safety risk. (Check out the video here – Removal Of Iron Particles From Wheat, Rice and Corn Using Magnetic Destoner)

After completing all the procedure from cutting to threshing still, many unnecessary particles are there. To remove those particles magnetic destoner plays a vital role. It removes the metal, mud balls, stones and many other impurities and we all know that cleaned grains have higher value than dirty grains.

Being a prominent magnetics equipments manufacturer we developed the finest quality of magnetics equipments that ensures you to clean all the unwanted materials and gives you the best quality of grains.

6. Packaging

After all this process the grains are packed properly and sent to the distributor where they can sell the grains in an open market without any risk.

So that is the complete guide about why cleaning the grains is important, how it is done and where the magnetic destoner plays a vital role.

Clean food is necessary for good health and that’s the reason we care of every minute stuff while developing the magnetic destoner so that it can remove 99.99% of impurities.

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