Heavy Duty Eddy Current Separators – Ready For Dispatch

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading Eddy current separator manufacturer from the last 38+ years. Our engineering team has a vast experience in manufacturing highly efficient eddy current separators with the help of our indigenous technology.

Eddy Current Separator:

Recently we have developed our eddy current separator, which is ready to dispatch. Our highly efficient eddy current separator is the most excellent magnetic separator used to separate non-ferrous metals from various waste and other streams. Below are some pictures before dispatch.

How Eddy Current Separator Work:

In eddy current separator, there is a short belt of conveyors that has its drive located at the return end and a high-speed magnetic rotor system installed at the discharge end. A magnetic rotor, which is positioned within a separately rotating non-metallic drum, revolves high speed during operation whilst the outer drum cover rotates at the speed of the eddy currents belt conveyor.

While rotor spins at these high speeds at that time the electric current is induced into conducting metals. The induced electric current produces a magnetic field, which opposed the field created by the rotor, repelling the conducting metals over a pre-positioned splitter plate. The remaining materials such as plastics, glass, and other dry recyclables, will simply free-fall over the rotor, separating them from the repelled metals.


The eddy current effect appears if non-ferrous conductors of electricity are exposed to a magnetic alternating field. The eddy currents, in turn, generate magnetic fields whose flux are opposed to the fields generating them, thus causing repulsive forces that discharge non-ferrous metals out of the material flow.


If you’re looking for the best range of eddy current separator for your recycling plant, you can email us your details on info@jkmagnetic.com

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