Eddy Current Separator – Specially Design For Aluminium Recycling Industries In America

Eddy Current Separator

Aluminium is one of the most recycled and the most recyclable materials in the market today. In the 19th century aluminium is became more valuable than gold and silver. Big Industries like Apple, Coca-cola and many other are now more interested in recycling the products.

Products like cans, aluminium foil, aluminum baking trays, window frames, wire, tubing and many other electronic items can be recycled. In aluminium recycling process scrap aluminum can be reused in products after its initial process. Aluminium is the 100% recyclable material and also there is no loss of properties or quality during the recycling process. While recycling the aluminium it uses only 5% of the energy to create new aluminium. The process the recycling the aluminium is very simple by re-melting the metal it can create new metal through the electrolysis of aluminium oxide and then refined using the bayer process.

As per the statistics, 31% of aluminium used in America is the recycled aluminium. People in America throw almost $1 billion worth of aluminium cans every year. Countries like America and Europe generate sufficient quantities of aluminium scrap over the past seventy years to develop an economically strong and best aluminium recycling industry. Slowly and steadily countries like Japan, China, India and Russia are also moving to the recycle market. The demand of aluminium recycling continues to skyrocket in upcoming days.

In America near about near about 1 Lakh aluminium cans are recycled in every minute. There is a huge market for aluminium recycling industries are there in America. After the industry’s giants like Apple and Coca-cola many other small and big industries are started in investing in recycling the products.

As we have shown in our one post about the aluminium recycling process INFOGRAPHICS.

Magnetic Separators plays a major role in the aluminium recycling. We are serving our Magnetic Separators to the many industries in the whole world from last 38 years. Making promising and innovative product is our first motto.

Eddy Current Separator and Overband Magnetic Separators are used in recycling process. Our innovative design of eddy current separators stands out amongst our competitors by providing the best result in recycling.

In eddy current separator shredded pieces of aluminium are passed under a very powerful magnet which removes the traces of steel and many other magnetic impurities. We are aware that steel and iron are magnetic hence they can be separated from the aluminium using the powerful which is used in eddy current separators.

Eddy Current Separator

In the process of aluminium recycling, the magnetic separation is done because it removes the iron-containing contaminants.

Eddy Current Separator Designed by Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. :

Working Principle Of Eddy Current Separator:

Our eddy current separator does separation on the based of the magnetic rotor with alternating polarity, spinning rapidly inside a non-metallic drum driven by conveyor belt. While in a process when non-ferrous metals pass over the drum, the alternating magnetic field creates eddy currents in the non-ferrous particles to repel the material away from the conveyor and remaining material drop off at the end of the conveyors.

Eddy Current Separator Uses:

  • Glass cullet
  • Municipal waste recycling
  • Electronic scrap
  • Auto shredder residue operations
  • Separation of non-ferrous metal from car recycling, etc

Having the expertise in Eddy Current Separator manufacturing we assured you to drive down the labour costs, increase processing capacity and profitability.

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