[Infographic] Complete Process Of Aluminum Scrap Recycling

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. have manufactured many types of Industrial Magnets and Vibratory Equipments for the recycling industries from last more than 30 years.

Having a vast experience in aluminum scrap recycling, we manufactured Drum Type Magnetic Separator and Eddy Current Separator which used in the recycling especially in aluminum scrap recycling.

Aluminum is the most valuable material and there are a number of benefits to recycling them like it is the only material that can be recyclable among all materials and much more. When once aluminum is made then it is easy to recycle and use it again and again.

Looking at the market of United States Of America, Europe and Canada recycling industries have a huge opportunity in the upcoming years.

Here we are sharing you the detailed Infographics of Aluminum Recycling Process.


List of Aluminum Product that can be Recycled:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Pie Pans
  • Aluminum Baking Trays

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