Permanent Magnetic Lifters – Complete Lifting Solutions For Industrial Products

We are well known for providing the instant solutions for any of the industrial magnets problem or requirement from last 38 years. We serve to more than 100 global companies in several different fields.

As a global leader in industrial magnets and electromagnetic equipment we manufacture different kinds of machinery for various industries. By seeing the requirement of magnetic lifters which is also called permanent magnetic lifters we manufactured one of the best magnetic lifters to fulfill your all the industrial requirements.

Permanent magnetic lifters is a material handling device which is used to lift the hoist iron, steel blocks, cylinder and many other industrial heavy equipment for a quick method of loading, unloading, and moving. Permanent magnetic lifters are made from Nd-FeB magnetic material which supplies the best magnetic power. Generally, it has been used in various lifting application for factories, press loads, warehouses docks, and transportation.

Salient Features of Permanent Magnetic Lifters:

  • Maintenance Free
  • No electricity Required
  • Compact Design
  • Safe and lightweight
  • Less operating cost


Here is the construction diagram of Permanent Magnetic Lifters:


Permanent Magnetic Lifters Is Used In Various Industries:

  • Steel Industries
  • Warehouses
  • Transportation
  • Gas Cylinder Industries

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We have already supplied our prominent quality of permanent magnetic lifters to many clients in India and across the world. So if you are looking for permanent magnetic lifters for your industrial application click here and get your quote today.