Importance Of Magnetic Separators In Food Processing Industries

Importance Of Magnetic Separators In Food Processing Industries

Importance Of Magnetic Separators In Food Processing Industries

As we all know that the food processing industries market is the fastest growing market in India and all around the world. Providing best quality product is the top priority for all the manufacturers.

Magnetic separators are the heart of the food processing industries because it can help to remove the impurities like ash content, unwanted magnetic stones and protect the valuable plant and machinery. For example, if we will see the flour mill we are using the following magnets.

#1. At the discharge of the elevator hump magnet or for automatic separation use drum type magnetic separator which protects the machinery from the nails and other free iron.

#2. At the discharge of the destoner we have magnetic destoner which remove the mud balls and magnetic stones which reduce the ash content at finish product.

#3. At first brake use of magnetic grills for the protection of the rollers which increase the life of the rollers.

#4. At the discharge of product in semolina, we are using a roller type magnetic separator which removes black particles and black stone which remain in the product.

#5. For flour packing line use spout magnet or rotary magnet which reduce the ash content from the floor.

#6. We can also use magnet drawer in many machinery stages for various application.

This is the reason that magnetic separators play a major role in the flour industries.

Being a global manufacturer of all the magnetic separator products we are pulverizing the food cleaning products like Sesame, dehydrated coriander onion, dehydrated potato and flakes, chili powder, turmeric powder, garlic powder. Garlic flakes and powder, wafers manufacturing, soybean flak, pulses like black gram, black eyed beans, broken wheat and many other like gelation powder, fryers, ice-cream, chocolate, coffee, tea, coco, rice, corn, maize products, biscuits manufacturer and many other bakery products.

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