Hump Magnet – Vertical Liquid Inline Magnetic Separators

Hump Magnet Working

Manufacturing industry plays a major role in world’s economy. As per the latest statistics manufacturing industries is contributing $2 Trillion to the U.S economy in 2016. Now you can estimate how manufacturing industry is contributing to the world economy.

We strongly believe in manufacturing the world class products which can be used in different sectors. Our team member is always in touch with our clients to know their needs and for a better understanding of their manufacturing plants so that we can deliver our products as per their needs.

One of our client in Madhya Pradesh is running a boiler in which hump magnet is used which extracts contamination from shredded wood. But he is not satisfied with his existing hump magnet performance which is fitted in a plant. He is facing the difficulty extracting the ferrous metals due that he is unable to generate the desired output.

Our marketing executive Jimish Mehta suggest them our best quality of Hump Magnet which is used for extracting ferrous metals from the pneumatic conveyor system and chutes. It is basically used where the flow of material is vertical. So to extract metal contamination from shredded wood our prominent quality of hump magnet is the best choice to fuel the boiler. It can also be opened easily for periodic cleaning.

Working Principle:

In hump magnets, it has two magnetic plates mounted in an offset housing and installed in vertical spouts. While oil or any others products enter the housing the magnetic plate extract the ferrous metals. Due to the magnetic plate, it provides the best separation results. Hump magnet requires a long straight area for installation in the plant.

Major Benefits Of Hump Magnet:

  • Powerful high-intensity rare earth magnets
  • One separation unit from plate magnet
  • Robust construction
  • Easy Cleaning and assembling
  • Magnetic plates with fast release clamps
  • Low maintenance costs

After the successful process of installing hump magnet in clients plant, he started getting desired results. We are continuous in support and service with our client but he is not having any problem with our hump magnet.

If you are looking for hump magnet for gravity free-fall application in magnetic separation then feel free to contact us by Clicking Here. Our marketing executive will get in touch with you with more information.

We also manufactured two special type of Hump Magnet: