How To Clean Grains From Mud Balls & Black Stones? – A Complete Guide

Grains cleaning line is one of the fastest-growing industries nowadays. Grains are necessary for the daily life of humans. So providing clean grains is very important for every grain cleaning line because their main motive is providing clean grains to their customers.

Cleaning of a grain is the major problem in all the grain processing industry. It’s a very hard task to clean grains from black stone, mud balls, and other impurities. If grain cleaning line failed to provide clean grain to their customer it causes a harmful effect on human health.

Several industries is facing the same problems of removing mud balls, black stones, metallic, glass pieces, rat feces and other impurities from grains. Some big or large cleaning line use different technology to separate mud balls and black stone from grains but even that technology is not so efficient. They have to face the same problem.

So what to do!!

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. designed and manufactured high-intensity magnetic destoner to separate mud balls, black stones, metallic,and other impurities from grains. Our machine comes with an excellent solution for separating that particular thing and the benefit of low power consumption.

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The power consumption of our machine is around 1hp maximum, which is the least power consumption and very high efficiency. Our machine has a capacity of 3metric tons per hr to 30metric tons/hr and can be installed in any existing cleaning line.

Let’s discuss on our magnetic destoner so it can help you to understand our separator deeply.

Magnetic Destoner:

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is the most trusted manufacturer of magnetic separator called magnetic destoner. We developed a highly efficient magnetic destoner for the very fine separation process. We use high-intensity magnets to remove iron impurities like (Mud balls, black stone & other paramagnetic impurities).

Our magnetic destoner has one belt which runs on a magnetic role which traps the paramagnetic contamination. In this process, the remaining mud balls and paramagnetic impurities are trapped. At the top of our machine, there is a feed hopper in which we have used two in lite connections which are connected to the mill or cleaning line. Then the material falls down to the vibratory feeder and the unbalanced vibratory motor handles the vibratory feeder.

Both vibratory motor and feeder are mounted on the springs. The machine has a feed gate which controls the feed in two ways: primarily and secondarily machine has another gate at vibratory discharge. Materials fall down on a conveyor belt which is Teflon based belt.

Magnetic Destoner Working Gif

There are two roles in belt magnetic roll and idler roll. Whenever the materials fall down to belt, the remaining magnetic content is dropped into the outlet. And the non-magnetic content falls into another outlet at the right side. It separates all impurities which have paramagnetic properties.

Why Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.?

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has 35+ years of experience to manufacture magnetic separator & vibratory equipments. Our highly experienced engineering team manufacture highly efficient and standard quality of magnetic separator & vibratory equipment for different industrial usage.

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