Center Outlet Gyratory Screening Machine – Newly Developed Screening Machine

Gyratory Screening is the method of screening and separating impurities from input material by the way of gyroscopic motion. Screening has risen to be an effective method of separation due to the versatility in sizes it allows. Screening allows separation into various grades, sizes and shapes according to particle sizes.

The machine used to carry out this method of separation is called a Gyratory Screening Machine or a Gyro Screen. The gyroscopic motion needed for separation in this equipment is generated by vibratory motors. It can carry out many different separating processes including sieving, grading, separating, screening and scalping. The machine is used for both wet and dry screening and is also suitable for more fragile materials which allows it to produce finer material.

Within the machine, screens of different sizes are decked on top of each other, with the coarsest on top and the finer screen on the bottom. This way materials can be screened down to the needed size. This versatility in separation, efficiency in separation, and accuracy in separation coupled with the need for low maintenance has made Gyratory Screening Machines unrivalled in quality.

Due to its nature, the Gyratory Screening Machine can be used in many different industries. This includes industries like Ceramic, Chemical, Paper, Plastic, Metal Processing and more. Furthermore, at Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd., this machine is made using durable stainless steel because of which the Gyratory Screening Machine is also able to be used in industries like Food, Dairy, and Pharmaceuticals. Its stainless-steel composition makes it safe for such industries.

At Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd., Gyratory Screening Machines are designed to have discharge outlets on the outer side of the machine. And now, we at Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. have designed and innovated a new unique type of Gyratory Screening Machine; a Center Outlet Gyratory Screening Machine.

This type of Gyratory Screening Machine will have the discharge outlet in the center instead of on the sides. Such a design change will allow not only versatility in uses but also versatility of use within a factory or plant as well.

At Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd., we also manufacture and produce single, double and triple deck types of Gyratory Screening Machine as needed by clients. We also customise our products if required by clients.

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