8 Feet Diameter Circular Screening Machine – Newly Launched Product

Both liquid and solid industries are linked with the day-to-day life of millions of people which could be in the form of food processing, cattle feed, pharmaceuticals, metal power, plastic, and many others which range out of the counting limitations.

As we go with just the food and beverages market, it grew from  $5,818.25 billion in 2021 to $6,327.35 billion in 2022 – which is a huge number of global statistics and an estimated ratio of involvement of a single industry from those categories in our lives.

But do we consider the usage of every company tag? No, right. So why is that – because each of us goes with the premium which is not just higher by cost, but a quality thing that can satisfy us with its results. And these results get driven by pure elements which stand for no contamination, excellent quality, and perfect finishing. 

Not to forget, contamination removal still stands at the top of concerns – as if this process is done unevenly then there is no possibility of delivering excellent quality – even if the element is wrapped with top-most finishing its lesser quality can certainly affect the customer ratio.

Revolving one more note of the situation – which is the “bulk amount” of elements, so the circumstances get quite more challenging for the industries to cover each receptacle/container. 

But do you think an 8 Feet Diameter Circular Screening Machine would work here? We know you might not be aware of what a Circular Screening Machine is but it does work! By helping you with more information and answering your “how” – let’s dive more into it.


What are 8 Feet Diameter Circular Screening Machines?

Vibro Screen, Circular Gyratory Screen, and Gyrator Screen – are the three other names of Circular Screening Machines. This Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine is a circular unitary gyratory screen that helps in different types of separations.

Types of separation by Circular Screening Machine consist of solids from solids, liquid from solids, and oversized, unshaped, or different types of particles from the added elements in bulk quantities.

The Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine consists of two shafts: the upper and the lower shaft with a vertically mounted motor placed at the base of the screen. With its definitive layout,  Gyratory Vibro Screening Machines provide a continuous process of precise separation while maintaining a balanced weight of both shafts with minimal vibrations and maximum feed rate.

Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine Working Principle

Denoting the involving circular or spiral motion Gyratory vibrations and vertical motions are the two main functions of Gyratory Vibro Screening Machines combined of. 

With the help of a feeder, elements get added to the Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine from which they move down to the first shaft – where the basic components stay on the 2.7 m diameter sieves’ nest while the other unfamiliar particles drop to the second shaft.  

The base portion of these shafts consists of a motor with double-shaft extensions that provide eccentric weights and create horizontal gyratory motion and because of its circular tipping to the screen it drives the element to its storing endpoint and contaminations to another one horizontally. 

How does Vibro Screening Machine Help in materials separation from solid and liquid?

Vibro Screening Machines are capable of accepting elements in bulk amounts at a time, in which elements get added by the feeder and firstly get settled on the first shaft, and then the entire separation process takes place with its motions and vertical motion effects.

During the process, the undersized/oversized/unrecognized materials get moved down to the second shaft and lastly get collected in a container placed at the ending point. While on the other hand, the pure elements get traveled and get discharged via a diverging outlet.

Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine Applications

  • Agro / Seed Processing
  • Ayurvedic Industry
  • Bulk Foods
  • Bakery Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Dairy Industry
  • Castor Seed Extraction
  • Classification Of SeaWeed Extract
  • Cosmetics
  • Pigments & Varnish
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Paints
  • Separation Of Waste Threads, Jute, Coriander Seeds Etc. From Sugar Granules

Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine Salient Features

  • Can be used in both graduation and separation of dry powders, granules, liquids, and semi-solids
  • Sieves suspension on a spring itself, avoiding vibration on the floor
  • Increasable decks as per the requirement
  • Easy deconstructing and cleaning process 
  • Low power consumption


Let’s give all the information we noted throughout the blog a quick walkthrough! By marking the major role played by solid and liquid industries in our lives – we covered how product quality makes the difference for both the manufacturers’ and the buyers’ sides. 

Then we hopped on the challenges faced by industries due to contamination separation from elements especially when it’s in the bulk ratio, and then a useful walk-in of the Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine.

In the Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine section – we saw its definition, working principle, and a quite more briefing on its separation process of unusual particles from solids and liquids. 

If you also belong to industries from those categories and looking for a willing and work boosting Gyratory Vibro Screening Machine, then by being the most trustable name and leading

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