[Suspension Magnet] – A Step-By-Step Guide

Over the last 38 years, Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing, supplying and exporting the best quality of Magnetic Separators. In which we served many different industries like pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, paper mills and much more. Many industries from them are taking advantage of our superior quality of suspension magnet.

We at Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. strongly believe in manufacturing the world class magnetics products which can give you the best output in any industries. After the initiative of “Make In India” by Honorable Prime Minister of India, we completely focus on developing the product which can serve best in your industry.

What’s the real story?

Suspension Magnet is one of the magnetic separators which is used for the extraction of tramp iron from a product stream like a conveyor belt or vibratory feeder. Mostly it is used for products carried by the conveyor belt.

We highly recommended our suspension magnet for the products which have low contamination. It is constructed with an oversized plate magnet.

Working Principle:

The suspension magnet is installed at the discharge of the head pulley or above the conveyor belt. Whenever the product passes under the magnet, metal impurities are drawn out of the material. Material which is flowing freely can be thrown into the front side of the magnet increasing the separation result. Suspension magnet can be suspended from a traveling trolley so that it can be moved away from the conveyor to be cleaned manually.

Simply it attracts the iron particles and moved out of the magnetic area by pushers. Once they have left the magnetic field, the ferrous particles fall into a collecting device. Simply it attracts the iron particles and moved out of the magnetic area by pushers.



Our suspension magnets can be installed either at the end of the belt above the head drum or across the conveyor belt.

In both cases, to avoid disturbances to the magnetic field, magnetic parts must be placed below the surface of the magnet.

The installation shown in the first figure is preferable for high speeds. Separation is more efficient due to the trajectory of the face it is then “fluidized”.


Why Our Suspension Magnet?

  • Heavy duty magnetic plates
  • Robust construction
  • No power supply required
  • Low maintenance
  • Self cleaning
  • Powerful Magnets
  • No breakdown


  • Removing ferrous material in wood processing industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Glass industries
  • In mining industries to remove ferrous material
  • Metal industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Ore industries
  • Sugar refining industries

Here’s the deal:

Suspension magnet which is basically used to separate ferromagnetic material when raw materials are being carried on conveyors belt. If you are the looking for one of finest quality of Suspension Magnet for your specific industry application feel free to contact us by Clicking Here. Our experts will get in touch with you with more detail.