High-Strength Magnetic Separators Manufacturer in Oman

Oman is one of the oldest self-governing states in the Arab world. It is a developing country that focuses more on goods export and services like petroleum, mining, manufacturing, metals, textiles, and many more. Oman joined the world trade organization in early 2000 and is heavily dependent on goods exports, which generate about four-fifths of government revenue. As the economy heavily depends on good exports they need more production and developments to fulfil the demands.

Oman is an open business economy, and at present, the most essential factor in the economy is the purchaser & seller of goods and services. Therefore, quality control of such goods is an important matter of concern. Many times, the raw materials of these industries are contaminated with fine impurities, including magnetic pollutants that must be removed before further use. The purification process is carried out with the help of various high-strength magnetic separation machines such as Eddy Current Separator, Magnetic Destoner, Drum Type Magnetic Separator, Electromagnetic Overband Separator, Hump Magnet, Rotary Magnet, and Magnetic Drum.

Here we mention some of the High-Strength Magnetic Separators machine’s advantages for different kinds of working space.

1) Eddy Current Separator

Eddy Current Separator

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. Is one the biggest manufacturers and exporter of Eddy Current Separators, which is commonly used to separate Non-Ferrous metals from mixed waste and other streams. Eddy Current Separators has a 98% recovery of aluminium cans from commingled recyclables. Also, it recovers valuable material from separate processes.

Watch Working Principle of Eddy Current Separator:

2) Drum Type Magnetic Separator

Drum Type Magnetic Separator

When it comes to separating tramp iron from non-magnetic material in massive quantity, our permanent drum type separator has unbeatable performance. It separates the commercially valuable material and also protects the processing plant and machinery.

We Provide 3 types of Drum Type Magnetic Separator.

  1. Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator.
  2. Double Drum Type Magnetic Separator.
  3. Triple Drum Type Magnetic Separator.

Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator is widely used in all the processing industry for separation of iron contamination from minerals, chemicals, food, grains, sand, plastic fertilizers, slag, ores, and many more products.

Double Drum Type Magnetic Separators are mostly used for their functionality of highest purity.

Drum Type Magnetic Separator comes with an automatic separation feature that removes iron impurities with strong and rugged construction. Mainly it is used to separate iron contamination from Minerals, Chemicals, Refractory, and many other products.

3) Magnetic Destoner

Magnetic Destoner

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is a world leader in manufacturing specialized Magnetic Destoner with a “Highly Advanced Technology” that suits for different requirements of the domestic and foreign market. Our Magnetic Destoners are efficient and durable, and are used for a wide variety of applications for separation including grains, pulses, spices, coffee, beans, seeds, mixed beans and others.

The main advantage of magnetic destoner is that it removes mud balls, black stones and other paramagnetic impurities from the product.

Check Detail Video Here:

4) Hump Magnet

Hump Magnet

Hump Magnets are mainly used to separate ferrous metals from granules, powder, and food products. These types of magnets are hinged and they can be easily opened for the cleaning process. Also, we develop Half-Hump Magnets which are used where Hump Magnets cannot be fitted or adjusted due to the restrictions of their height. The working principle is the same as the Hump Magnet.

5) Rotary Magnet

Rotary Magnet

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures rotary magnets that are designed to remove ferrous particles from a very fine powder, which is a very difficult task for any industry. Also, we develop a Three-Stage Rotary Magnet which removes very fine dust particles and iron contamination from the different materials. With easy cleaning and low maintenance, our Rotary Magnet is widely used for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd develops all kinds of magnetic separators as per the industry standards which are known for the best performance and energy efficiency. Our products are advanced and designed to meet the needs of various types of manufacturing industries in Oman and other Middle East Countries. Our expert and knowledgeable team thoroughly checks every product under several atmospheres before dispatching to the industrial enterprises.

We’re are among the largest magnetic separator supplier in Oman for various industrial process. Below is our contact details to buy our magnetic separators in Oman.

Address: The Group Overseas Co. LLC.,
No 23, Al Salaam Center,
Post Box 700, Postal Code 133,
Al Khuwair, Sultanate of Oman
Call: +968-24489963, +968-98003478
Email: ajmal@groupoverseas.com
Website: www.groupoverseas.com

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd had begun the journey of manufacturing quality magnetic products in 1978 and has now become the most preferred and reliable source across globe to purchase magnetic separator and equipment, vibratory equipment, electromagnetic equipment, mineral processing equipment.

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