How To Remove Stones And Other Impurities From Rice?

How To Remove Stones And Other Impurities From Rice?

Food industry is on a boost in India and many another part of the world. Make In India initiatives are setting new benchmarks daily in the manufacturing sector. Indian food processing industry is contributing to world food trade every year. Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has developed a special range of magnetic separators which is used in food processing and flour mill for removing impurities from it.

Magnetic Destoner is the most used machine in food processing industry for removing impurities like stone, mud balls, etc. Magnetic Destoner is the premium magnetic separators designed by Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. for various food products like spices, pulses and lot more. We have special kind of magnetic designer which is used in rice industries where separation is required.

Magnetic Destoner

How can you actually use this?

Flour mill and food processing industry can take a huge advantage of our magnetic destoner in a processing line. After harvesting the rice it needs to clean for further uses. Separators play a key role in the separation of stone, mud balls and other impurities from rice.

Our highly efficient magnetic destoner remove 99% of impurities from grains, pulses, spices and all the food products which required separation for cleaning.

Why does this matter?

Rice needs to be clean from impurities like stones and mud balls before supplying in the market. Our magnetic destoner is capable of removing a very small amount of impurities due to high power magnet for extracting metal contamination.

Our Magnetic Destoner is maintenance free and long working life for better production. It’s also called roller type magnetic separator in the market for removing stones, magnetic and nonmagnetic materials.

That’s not all..

Magnetic destoner also remove unnecessary impurities from wheat, lentil, long grain rice, medium grain rice, small grain rice, red cargo rice, jasmine rice, basmati rice, red cargo rice, black rice and many other pulses & grains.

Salient Features:

  • Robust Design
  • Precise Construction
  • Maintenance Free
  • Anti-corrosive

Here’s the deal?

If you are looking for the magnetic destoner for your rice cleaning then contact us by clicking here. We can also demonstrate our machine by separating your rice samples. Call us or contact us via email for a free demonstration.