Impurities Removal Magnetic Destoner Machine For Rice | A Detailed Guide

According to Statista, in worldwide grain production by 2021/22 – rice ranks as the 3rd most cultivated grain across the globe which is estimated at 509.87 million metric tons of milled rice while having 3.5 billion people as daily consumers. 

Here are some statics global statics on rice consumption as per the country:

  1. China – 148 million metric tons  
  2. India – 122 million metric tons
  3. Indonesia – 35 million metric tons
  4. Bangladesh – 34 million metric tons
  5. Vietnam – 27 million metric tons

Might be surprising but there are actually 40,000+ varieties of rice dishes available as they can be eaten cooked, ground in flour, with curry, and can be served in a huge variety of main dishes, soups, side dishes, and even desserts. 

Soooo Muchhh Surrounded By Rice!

Because as much as we believe, rice is a staple food – being a rich source of carbohydrates and iron with lower calories which makes it ideal for eatery not only for humans but in animal feed such as cattle, poultry, and dog meals too. 

But do you know? While being at this high rank of grain cultivation, rice also has the most elevated arsenic percentage than any other grain crop which is a toxic element that can cause lung and bladder cancer if consumed daily. 

Not only this many other paramagnetic impurities such as Arsenic, Pb, and Cd rice consist of, which can cause cancer, skin lesions, oxidation mechanism, and even the eyes’ vision.

Which is why the impurities separation from rice is a necessary and liable procedure to follow especially for the suppliers. 

But what is the solution – as humans can’t detect paramagnetic elements, and even if we give it a try the procedure will turn so time-consuming and if we get on the results portion we won’t even receive results as actually wanted or which is market servable. 

Even the solution is right here – A Magnetic Destoner! But how? Come let’s learn about it together.

What is Magnetic Destoner?

Magnetic Destoner is also known as a magnetic separator, it is designed to remove paramagnetic and ferromagnetic impurities such as mud balls, black stones, glass pieces, metallic contaminants, rat feces, and other contaminants from grains, spices, and pulses. 

Not only in the food industries Magnetic Destoner is also useful in milling, plastics, dairy, chemical, oils, textile, and many other product lines with its precise and accurate separation.

Working Principle of Magnetic Destoner

The top outset of the Magnetic Destoner is called a feed hopper, from which elements get added to the product for further operations. In the second step, elements get to drive on a metallic conveyor belt underneath which two types of rolling processes take place.

The first rolling is of the conveyer belt and the second one is of the idler roller placed under the conveyor belt that balances the conveyor belt operations cylindrically. 

Wait! Let’s get some more clarity. Ider roller is a cylindrical-shaped bar that runs along and under the conveyor belt due to which separation operation processing on the conveyor belt can get a substantial base to carry forward the pure elements and metallic impurities to their next procedure. 

This conveyer belt is connected to two different inlets – the first one on the front side and another on the downside of the Magnetic Destoner. Processed and pure elements get collected on the front side inlet whereas the impurities get drawn down on the downside inlet.

How Magnetic Destoner Helps in Impurities removal from rice?

Here is a sample of impurity separation from rice with the help of a Magnetic Destoner

All we get from markets is directly packed rice which is as much as we think is edible and considered in regular meals. But in this video, as the results show there is a major point that is getting missed by us. Check it out and let us also know what so missing.

Contamination separation process from rice with Magnetic Destoner:

Firstly rice gets added by the feed hopper, then dropped into a vertical portion – balancing rice in its right amount which can be perfectly processed at a time. 

While moving from the conveyer belt and bifurcating pure rice and metallic contaminants into two different inlets. Here is the quick, smooth, and accurate separation approach conducted by Magnetic Destoner for rice.

Applications of Magnetic Destoner

  • Silica
  • Alumina
  • Carbide
  • Magnesite
  • Quartzite
  • Diamond ore beneficiation
  • Manganese ore beneficiation
  • Iron ore
  • Limestone
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Semolina
  • Chilly flakes 
  • Cumin

Looks like we got on a long list as actually there are many others still remaining! No worries, you can still find them here.

Advantages of Magnetic Destoner:

  • Adjustable motor – from 0 to 280 RPM 
  • Premium quality unbalanced vibratory motors 
  • 0.35mm thick conveyor belt also with abrasion resistance
  • 6+ multi-stage system availability
  • Least power consumption of max 1HP
  • Capacity of 3 metric tons per hour to 30 metrics per hour

Let’s Wrap Up!

Till now we were supplying/consuming rice but from now a prefix of “pure” will be added to it, isn’t it? Well, we hope so. But we saw many points holding their individual values – Don’t you think we should get a quick flashback so that we don’t miss any of them?

509.87 million metric tons of estimated worldwide rice cultivation – is where we started from than the number of dishes and healthfulness we consume from rice. 

But not to forget Arsenic, Pb, Cd, and many other toxic metals present in rice which can be extremely harmful. Thus the separation of those paramagnetic and ferromagnetic impurities became a necessity and there is exactly where Magnetic destoner walked in – with all of its most favorable features covering all the requirements from the bulk amount of separation, less time consumption yet precise results that too with a sample.

If you are looking to uplift your industry’s work procedures with the same, being the most trustworthy and leading Magnetic Destoner manufacturer Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. will be glad to assist you.