Belt Conveyor

The conveyor belt is the carrying medium of Belt Conveyor System for transporting the recycling materials. Depending on the complexity of materials, the looping belt requires robust and durable properties to resist impact, wear and leaking of oil and grease.

The main purpose of the conveyor belt is to provide strength and retain the shape of the conveyor system. It is used for connecting different sorting operative machines and eventually, directing the materials to the end. Amidst the transportation, the belt creates enough space between the items, so that the impurities can be separated manually or mechanically.

To distinguish, there are TWO types of Belts:

1. General Material Belt: Utilised for transferring small-scale and light weighted items over the short distances in the building or through buildings.

2. Bulk Material Belt: Utilised for handling heavy materials, large-scale goods and mineral ores from the industries over comparatively longer distances.